Swedish PM Tells Priests To Carry Out Same-Sex Marriages ‘Or Do Something Else’

pennine:  Hopefully without treading on toes, perhaps it needs to be said  that in these days of people being “free” to do whatever suits their lifestyle or ideologies, here we have  Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven  telling a church magazine -of all things-that “if priests cannot  bless same sex couples they should consider another vocation.”  He goes on to draw parallels to the midwife who refuses to perform abortions, his shameless diktat states that: “If you work as a midwife you must be able to perform abortions, otherwise you have to do something else…”

                            No Mr Lofven, why should these people HAVE to do something else other than what was their original calling? and if that vocation of their choice or destiny  doesn’t include YOUR demands (most probably to secure votes for you to stay in a well-paid career) then tough, get over it.  That person’s vocation (providing it harms no one else) shouldn’t have to be changed from its course. The priest -whose instruction book the Holy Bible teaches nothing about same sex marriage is entitled to claim he/she isn’t qualified to officiate such unions(there are Registry Offices which can deal with such nuptial contracts) the priest of course could always give a blessing to the couple; we’re all sinners in some way or another and hopeful of God’s good grace.

The midwife could argue that her/his role is to take care of mum & baby, helping ensure both survive the experience, and not in slaying one of them. So Mr Lofven, maybe you need to find someone else to create a new religion that caters for the spiritual side of same sex marriage couples,  -if the Register Office & priest’s blessing isn’t enough. As for abortions then best maybe to find someone trained in the butchery business, when the process is for non-medical reasons. Where it is required on medical grounds then assistance from a  trained skilled Doctor is required if the mother’s life could be in danger.

                 But overall, it’s thought  provoking perhaps, to consider that while some people’s freedoms to do what they wilt have the State’s blessing & guardianship even, that  by  the same process, via the State’s meddling & diktat, another person’s Freedom of Conscience is being sacrificed,denied.  Indeed, punishable even!!!

Courtesy of RT News


Swedish PM Tells Priests To Carry Out Same-Sex Marriages ‘Or Do Something Else’

Swedish PM tells priests to carry out same-sex marriages ‘or do something else’
Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven has suggested that all Church of Sweden priests be compelled to perform gay marriages, despite the Lutheran church’s position that clergy members should have the right to refuse.

Same-sex weddings have been legal in Sweden since 2009, although priests can decline to carry out these ceremonies under the country’s marriage code

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This could now change, however, given Lofven’s recent comments about the role of priests in Swedish society.

The prime minister indicated in an interview with a church magazine that if a priest cannot bless a gay marriage, they should consider another vocation.

“We Social Democrats are working to ensure all priests will consecrate everyone, including same-sex couples,” Lofven told Kyrkans Tidning magazine.

“I see parallels   It is the same for priests,” he said.

Official documents from the church say it “offers” both heterosexual and homosexual marriage ceremonies. Although it is not against gay marriage, the Church of Sweden’s official stance is that “no priest should be obliged to officiate at the wedding of a same-sex couple.”

4 thoughts on “Swedish PM Tells Priests To Carry Out Same-Sex Marriages ‘Or Do Something Else’

    1. Hello Goomba, i like your comments:-)Good…But coincidentally-i’ve just seen(though haven’t as yet read the full report)in today’s Mail On Sunday (2ndJuly 2017) titled”Wombs For Men.” & says:”That’s the astonishing prospect as fertility doctors back operations on NHS’-(for goodness sakes)-‘ so transgender women born as boys can have babies” ” ‘Uterine transplants’ could even be given to gay & straight men…within just just ten years.” Where’s all this leading? Then in other departments God & the Devil only knows, what’s going on in genetic studies, mixing genes about, human with animals & so on, this sickens me, There’s some things that just shouldn’t be tampered with. But as for transgenders getting what they want on NHS is a vexing topic. Many Thanks Goomba for feedback, Take Care & Kindest from pennine:-)


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