Abbott: Finsbury Park a ‘Terror Attack’, But Westminster, Manchester, and London Bridge ‘Incidents’

 pennine: It’s only what we’ve come to expect from this Member of Parliament, so no surprises here. ‘Tis no secret that she doesn’t much like we fair-featured Brits. I think it’s safe to recognise her as a “racist” or an “Albophobe.” The difference being, had the roles been reversed, she would be stigmatised & fired by her political party & punished.
Courtesy of Mr Jack Montgomery & Breitbart

Diane Abbott: Finsbury Park a ‘Terror Attack’, But Westminster, Manchester, and London Bridge ‘Incidents’


Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott has immediately declared an apparently deliberate attack on pedestrians outside Finsbury Park Mosque terrorism – unlike the Westminster Bridge, Manchester Arena, and London Bridge attacks, which she called “incidents”.

Taking to Twitter after news broke that a 48-year-old man had crashed a van into a crowd of people leaving a Mosque in Finsbury the Labour was quick to label it a “shocking terror attack”.

Abbott reiterated her description of the attack as terrorism, calling on police to “urgently review security for all mosques” minutes later, and retweeted a message from Shomrim North-East London which also referred to the crash as a “horrific terrorist attack”.

Abbott’s rush to judgement on this occasion stands in sharp contrast to her pronouncements following the Islamist terror attacks at Westminster Bridge, Manchester Arena, and London Bridge.

The Westminster Bridge attack, in which Muslim convert Khalid Masood ran down several pedestrians before leaping from his car and stabbing a police constable to death on March 22nd, was not acknowledged as a terror attack until the following day in a tweet which pointed followers in the direction of a Guardian article emphasising the fact that the second-generation migrant was “British-born”.

The following day, she released a statement in which she claimed it was “too early now to debate the cause or motivation for this attack”. She warned against “wild assertions about this attack by people claiming to know what the police can’t yet know, why this happened and who precisely was involved”.

She added: “We should reject any false or lazy assertions and wait for the police to do their work.”

Following the Manchester Arena suicide bombing on May 22nd, in which the son an Islamist refugee murdered and maimed dozens of men, women, and children at a concert, Abbott would only go as far describing the attack as a “horrific incident”.

Abbott used similar language following the terror attack on London Bridge and Borough Market on June 3rd, in which Pakistan-born former child refugee Khuram Butt, bogus asylum seeker Rachid Redouane, and EU national Youssef Zaghba ran down and stabbed dozens of people in London.

The Jeremy Corbyn ally was careful to refer to the terror attacks as “incidents” in two separate tweets.

Breitbart London has described all the attacks, including last night’s outside Finsbury Park Mosque, as terrorist attacks.

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