London: Unable To Track Jihadists But Police Arrests 25 People For “Islamophobic Hate Crimes”

Two days before the U.K. general elections, Mayor of London Sadiq Khan went on ITV’s Good Morning Britain. In a heated debate with host Piers Morgan, he was grilled over not keeping tabs on jihadists returning from war zones. In response, he blamed cuts to the Metropolitan Police’s budget, which according to Sadiq Khan made it impossible for him to keep track of those returning home. He stated:

I can’t follow 400 people (…) the Met Police budget, roughly 15-20 percent is funded by me, the Mayor. The rest is funded by central government. If the Met Police budget is being shrunk and reduced, they’ve got to prioritise and use their resources in a sensible, savvy way.

So what is the sensible, savvy way to spend those ‘dwindling’ resources according to Mayor Sadiq Khan and the Metropolitan Police? In the space of a week, homegrown terrorists kill innocents in Birmingham and London, another two attacks in a long series of steadily worsening, Islamic-inspired, terrorist attacks. How do you respond to that? Mayor Khan’s response is clear: complaining on Facebook and Twitter about

a significant spike in incidents of hate crime and Islamaphobic incidents.”

Meanwhile, the Metropolitan Police is using its, according to the mayor, insufficient resources, to increase:

the number of officers on the streets and in communities to reassure local people that they are able to go about their daily lives in peace and without fear of harassment or intimidation.

There is no money to follow 400 foreign fighters, but there is money for “dedicated ward officers” to make contact with “local places of worship to encourage them to report hate crimes and to reassure those who congregate there that the police will take these crimes seriously.” The Metropolitan Police even boasts about having made 25 arrests for hate crime offences since Saturday.

The Metropolitan Police’s response to terrorist attacks, meanwhile?

Following the terrorist incidents in Europe in recent years, we have anticipated that similar incidents in the UK may lead to a greater need to support those communities that are more vulnerable to becoming victims of hate crime, and we have taken action accordingly. All hate crimes are reviewed by a Detective Inspector and the MPS has also increased specialist investigators within the 32 London borough community safety units by 30 per cent, with more than 900 specialist members of staff dedicated to investigating all hate crime and domestic abuse crimes.

No wonder that “year on year [the Metropolitan Police] are seeing an increase in all areas of hate crime.” This is the ‘prioritisation’ Mayor Sadiq Khan has called for: investing in the ability to catch people in the act of ‘hate crimes’ after a large terrorist attack. Complaining about budget cuts is an election scam. It is the priorities that are crooked.

Met Police – 25 hate crime arrests have been made since the terror attacks in London on Saturday night.


3 thoughts on “London: Unable To Track Jihadists But Police Arrests 25 People For “Islamophobic Hate Crimes”

  1. One rule for Squid’s lot.
    One rule for White Christian English.
    Sound about right? Sure is here.
    Our politically correct, multicultural and religiously tolerant country.

    All terrorists so far have been Muslim. So let’s start there.
    Round them all up. No exceptions for politicians or mayors.
    Anyone not actively involved is probably a sympathizer anyway.


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