38 years of terror and we never had a pop concert #manchesterarena #londonbridge


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38 years of terror and we never had a pop concert #manchesterarena #londonbridge

Copied from a friend’s wall
38 years of Bombings, shootings, Executions and Terrorist activity (never once got a pop concert!). Unless you know the facts of the conflict in NI and lived through it – you know fuck all about living in Terror!
Here’s some facts to ponder when signing your pathetic excuse of a Petition to get Thursdays Election result nullified…
1. The Provisional IRA were responsible for 91% of ALL Terrorist activity between 1969 – 2017
2. The Royal Ulster Constabulary GC was disbanded as a Sinn Fein Demand despite being responsible for only 56 deaths during the entire period of the conflict
3. The IRA was responsible for killing 1907 people during the conflict period (more than 61% of the total number killed)
4. The IRA Killed more Catholics Civilians than every other Combatant Group (Police/Army/Loyalist Paramilitaries) combined
5. Martin McGuinness served 6 months in an Irish Prison in 1976 for IRA membership and weapons charges and said when sentenced ‘I am a member or Orlaigh na h’Eirann (Army of Ireland) and am very proud”
6 As Commander of the IRA in Londonderry, Martin McGuinness was responsible for :-
firebombing 80% of all the businesses in the City Centre between 1969 – 1974,
Carrying out the Claudy Massacre killing 9 innocent Men, Women and Children
Murdering 267 people during the time he admitted to being the Commander of Derry Brigade PIRA
Was implicated in the IRA murder of Frank Hegarty whom he lured back to Derry after being outed as a ‘Tout’ (Informer)
7. The IRA carried out the Northern Bank Robbery in Belfast and got away with £26.3 Million whilst supposed to be on Ceasefire.
8. 17 of Sinn Fein’s current 30 MLA’S have convictions for murder and/or violent Terrorist Activity.
9. Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams has been implicated as being responsible for the Disappearance and Murder of Belfast Woman Jean9. Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams has been implicated as being responsible for the Disappearance and Murder of Belfast Woman Jean McConville whose crime was to give comfort to a dying Soldier who had just been shot by an IRA sniper
10. The Labour Party have invited Sinn Fein to their Annual Party Conference every year since 1983.
11. The Scottish Nationalist Party talked of replicating the provos ‘Armed Struggle’ and contemplated beginning terrorist acts in Scotland to achieve independence from the UK
12. Former SNP Leader Alex Salmond set up the ’79 Group’ within the SNP and pushed to an armed campaign to be started and demanded that the SNP and Sinn Fein co-ordinate terrorist activity until the group was banned by the SNP and Salmond thrown out of the SNP in 1982. He was welcomed back into the SNP in 1985 and as leader forged links between Scottish and Irish Nationalist Groups such as the James Connolly movement.
13. The IRA to date have carried out over 20 thousand ‘Kneecappings’ and other forms of punishment shootings with 97% of those injured being from their own Community.
14. The majority of people born and living in Northern Ireland today has at least one family member or neighbour who was killed/injured/attacked by terrorists during the conflict
15 when Jeremy Corbyn came to visit NI he always stood on a platform with IRA murderers and no one else. He was NOT a Peacemaker – he was a Sympathiser of the IRA and promoted their ideology and actions along with those of Spanish separatists ETA, Palestinian Terrorists Hamas and Colombian guerrillas FARC.
16. Corbyn and Diane Abbott along with other prominent Labour MP’S along with Trade Union leaders were prominent members of the Troops Out movement which supported the IRA campaign and demanded British Troops be withdrawn from this part of the UK. They also called the RUC “Babykillers” and accused the Army of cold blooded murder.
So the next time you snowflakes whinge on about the DUP – I suggest you learn some facts first and understand just who you are supporting – better still, fuck off away from my timeline and go cry to someone who gives a shit about your dim opinion. Thank you. 😊

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