The Jihadist Next Door

pennine: Since first putting this up on the wall, i have learned that one of the three terrorists (London attack) is in this film. Am unsure which person, or whether he’s the one talking & who showed the Channel 4 TV crew his flags in his garage. But shows how seriously afflicted these people are  with  the brainwashing process they are under. I’m still puzzled as to why they were wearing fake suicide vests. Were they intending to escape alive from their orgy of murdering? Believing that no one would go near  or shoot them for fear of triggering explosion. Thanks to the police people who did shoot them, and am thank full Jeremy Corbyn isn’t our Prime Minister (but he could be after Thursday 8thJune) if he is against a shoot to kill policy on terrorists, so the bloody rampage could have still been ongoing had they not been shot down, or had escaped and returned to our streets another day.

PS:  While it is time our governments stop meddling in far away places. I’m one of very many of our people who don’t want innocent people harmed or killed as a result of these incursions into what is, after all, other people’s sovereign nations.I admit to supporting our intervention into Iraq initially, but only because of removing a ruler who was giving many of his own people & Kurds great grief. But then as time went by and there was no returning of our people & no finding of those weapons of mass destruction, came the realisation we had been duped & fed lies by Messrs Bush & Blair. As if an attempt  to assuage his Karma over Iraq, Tony Blair swamped our country with vast number of immigrants. It might have relieved Mr Blair’s conscience temporarily, or given him a perverse smug satisfaction to play the traitor to Britain for he certainly has no love for our country nor her people, his stance on the EU Referendum and his despicable snobbery & insults thrown at Leave EU voters proves this. Nor do i wish to see our service people loosing lives & limbs simply to fulfill the whims & fancies of politicians. The Falklands war was different in that we were defending the Falklands’ people & our interests too, which is my idea of what armed services should be all about, merely in the interests of defence purposes.

              Returning to the following film, it seems more than a mite hypocritical of the Islamic-Jihadis   chastening  British Foreign Policies,  in Iraq or anywhere, when Isis & its allied terrorists allies were themselves murdering innocent  Iraqi/Syrian & Libyan citizens!!! It was no “civil war”  in Syria but a dirty disgusting invasion, and the “spiritual”? heroes these brainwashed beardies look up to fighting a so-called Holy-War/Jihad in the mid-east are simply dirty scumbag terrorists,raping, hurting & killing the vulnerable in these lands.Oh while they think they’re fighting for a Caliphate, they amount to being a mere proxy-army the object being to remove  President Assad and any semblance of democracy &Oh how they hate democracy, they make this fact clear in their documentary.
The Kurdish people on the counter march & some other moderate  Muslims passing by in the film highlighted some truths. Someone even spoke up in front of the camera & declared “They are recruiting for Isis.”Why the hell have our governments allowed them to return and seemingly are hanging on to them,for some strange reason known only to them, when, in the film one of the main characters even says, words to the effect: ‘if they could only have their passports back, they’d be gone & not return to Britain and how we’d be rid of the problem.” Now I don’t know exactly what’s going on, i’m simply a nobody and not some well paid member of the intelligence services, but IF by chance these folk stumble across this blog and see this, may i kindly ask them for Goodness sake’s just give them their passports & transport requirements and forbid their return here. Then we might stop suffering from these terrorists attacks upon our country.

Courtesy of You Tube

The Jihadist Next Door

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