Migrants Caught Stealing Flowers & Soft Toys From Manchester Bombing Memorial

pennine: Scumbags must have known this was a memorial for the victims & bairns of the attack. They seemed to understand English language quite well (as someone points out elsewhere, they’ll have been well primed by those who bring them into the country, how to play-act on anytime they get collared for doing something wrong) Many of these folk are taking the p*ss out of us.To see the video please click on the link where says Mr Watson’s Twitter page. Cheers

Courtesy of DC Clothesline

Video: Migrants Caught Stealing Flowers & Soft Toys From Manchester Bombing Memorial

Man speaking broken English seen holding Smurf toy stolen from tribute to victims


A video that has gone viral on Facebook shows migrants being caught stealing flowers and soft toys from a memorial dedicated to victims of the Manchester bombing.

The clip, originally uploaded by the ‘Scouse Nationalists’ Facebook page, has received over a million views and around 18,000 shares in less than 24 hours.

The video shows a man with a Manchester accent approaching two men he accuses of being “thieving f**king bastards.”

“What are you playing f***king nicking flowers from there?” the man asks the pair, one of whom responds in broken English.

“No, no I lay flowers, flowers very nice,” he states.

“You were picking them up, you were gonna f*k off with them,” the Manchester man responds.

One of the migrants is seen holding a blue Smurf cuddly toy that he has obviously just stolen from the memorial.

“Put ’em back now!,” the Manchester man demands, which the migrant agrees to do.


The migrant continues to plead his ignorance, claiming “I don’t know”.

“What do you mean you don’t know, you f**king know what’s gone on,” the Manchester man responds.

Two other local women then reprimand the migrant, with one stating, “that’s bad!”

“You better f**k off from here or (I’ll) call the police – if the police don’t come, I’ll knock the shit out of the pair of you,” the Manchester man threatens.


The migrant continues to claim that he didn’t know the display was a memorial, an explanation that nobody believes.

The video ends with the two migrants being told to leave, which they eventually do.

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