Tommy Robinson (Didsbury Mosque Watch), 28/5/2017, Trump, Farage, Islam.

pennine: If only we had more journalists like this!!! Just telling it like it is?

        In another video i watched (not Tommy’s, i think it was a BBC Question Time) where a British gent who lives in the area of Didsbury mosque, quoted from a pamphlet given him from that same mosque… (& please bear in mind the good reports that have been relayed about how good this mosque is, and how against the stuff which Salman Abedi stood for & committed  they purportedly are etc etc)…& in this pamphlet from the mosque it speaks negatively about  Western culture, the morals and so on.
                   Fair enough, we’re living in a culture & political democracy  that allows people the freedom of speech and is why that pamphlet can say what it does without fear of being punished or  murdered even  by the powers that be, Something which we Westerners might not enjoy these same rights & privileges  if we went to the lands of these people’s origins.  If Didsbury is one of the more lenient,more moderate mosques,then i can only despair about the more radical ones!! Because if Western society is such a bane to these people, WHY are they even staying here?   I need of course to look further into this, but it seems as though many have dual or even treble + more,  citizenship, like the Abedi clan flitting about from UK & Libya, some reports claim Abedi the Manchester murderer had connections to some terrorist Libyan outfit which went off jihading into Syria. Many make no secret that they have no love for the UK. From this, i can only ask Why are they staying here,they’re obviously unhappy with our lifestyle and culture and compels me to ask:   “Are there some of these Islamists  out to convert & change us?”  and if they cannot do it by charm & persuasion, then will  they do it by terror?  Looking at it from this angle, makes it easier for me to understand why the severe Left in politics find such good rapport with Islamists (even if it means they have to turn a blind eye on women & gay rights & have double standards on these issues,they once championed) because many on the severe left equally hate Western culture too! So allied together they can do business, devastating business at that !!!

Courtesy of British Warrior & Mr Tommy Robinson & Friends & You-Tube
Tommy Robinson (Didsbury Mosque Watch), 28/5/2017, Trump, Farage, Islam.


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