Do NOT Stop Sharing This Until EVERY Woman Has Seen It!

 pennine: Disgusting woman:-(
                 I suppose in their culture women in places are totally subservient to their menfolk and either enjoy being so or daren’t fight back (with the odd exception of some brave souls, of whom have my praise & admiration. But these generally get ostracised & shunned by others of this insane death-cult/culture.)
                Now i see better the mentality of those Jihaddy grooming gangs coming into the country I live in, who’ve been  raping/abusing our women & even kids. She justifies the sexual abuse of Israeli women with the notion that they are ‘living on Arab land.’ (Clearly a misnomer.)So how come her comrades in ideology practise the same stratagem on our British soil, which is certainly no where near-nor ever will be-Arab lands???

Do NOT Stop Sharing This Until EVERY Woman Has Seen It!

Is this a consequence of cultural bias? Is this the result of a twisted sick mind?

How should one react to a woman lawyer who encourages men of one nationality to rape women of another nationality as revenge?

Can one work peaceably with people that think in terms of hatred and revenge?

We once again encounter Arab logic. The ends justify ALL means.

Individuals can be treated inhumanely. They are not seen as individuals, as human beings with human rights.

How did Nagla Al-Imam grow up? Was she given basic needs and allowed rights as a child?

It would be interesting to hear more about this Arab woman lawyer’s world views. It would probably teach us something abysmal about Arabs in general.

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