What Do Seth Rich, Comey, Podesta, Clinton, and Pedogate Have In Common?

What Do Seth Rich, Comey, Podesta, Clinton, and Pedogate Have In Common?



With the election of Donald Trump, a huge roadblock was thrown into the plans of the globalists with regard to their completion timetable with regard to the takedown of the United States. Ho, wever, the forces of the Deep State have reared their ugly heads in unison and are preparing to depose Donald Trump and reassert their progressive march toward brutal totalitarianism.

The concern is almost universal. Everyone from Paul Martin to ex-CIA Robert Steele to Paul Preston, we all feel the same. The game is almost over and America is about to experience its darkest days. Trump must lead the way with very bold and decisive actions directed against the Deep State and their elected figureheads.

Signs of Desperation

I was working on an article regarding the hierarchy of the Deep State when I was interrupted by a “special bulletin.

Yesterday, I received communication after communication from two people who have (1) either bugged out in anticipation of a calamity or, (2) people who are making plans to do so.

Then I had an occasion to watch two events being covered by Fox News and I have had this feeling of foreboding that I cannot shake. Much of this feeling is based on the body language I have seen from the Deep State leftist representatives in the Congress and the Senate.

The Body Language of the Deep State

I am very knowledgeable in the arena of body language communication. Over 90% of all communication comes from body language. For many years, I have taught the meaning of body language and how to read it. Hearing from people who have prepared to get of harm’s way and watching two major news stories yesterday have told me that America, and for that matter, humanity is on the brink and some people know it as expressed in their acts of desperation as well as their body language give-aways

The Two Stories

Yesterday, while reading and watching the Fox News account of murder of Seth Rich last summer, I was stunned by the body language of the reporters, the tone of the report and the look of expressions of extreme fear. It was as if these brainwashed mainstream media reporters were saying that maybe those crazy conspiracy theorists are right about “the New World Order”, after all.

What Fox reported still has me reeling. Fox stated that Rich, an looney leftist insider, was the source of the DNC hacking of sensitive emails that went to Wikileaks the leak was NOT the work of Russian hackers working in collusion with Trump as has been alleged by the Deep State minions. Rich was the source of the nearly 44,000 emails and approximately 18,000 attachments that was sent to Wikileaks. This blows the hell out of the Russian collusion story.

Dot Connecting

Let’s do a little dot connecting. The second story that got my attention followed right on the heels of the Seth Rich murder story and that story was the solely single account of fired FBI Director, James Comey, in which he alleged that Trump attempted to obstruct justice, Nixon-style, by telling Comey to discontinue his investigation into Flynn and his inappropriate behavior with regard to the Russians during the lame duck period prior to the Inauguration. Trump has emphatically denied Comey’s assertion, and Comey has no proof.

The Comey release is totally unsubstantiated and the public and is being asked to believe one man’s word with no proof. Oh, I think that the Deep State is in the process of manufacturing proof against Trump that we will see in the next day or two. However, the Rich story was so volatile and exposed the lies behind the Russian allegations, Comey had to immediately counter, on behalf of the Deep State, without the benefit of fabricated evidence. Comey’s lies are a desperate attempt to preserve the Russian allegation against Trump in light of the Seth Rich revelations.

Ask yourself a question America, If Comey’s story is true, then why did not not contact his number two man and establish a level of confirmation. But the Deputy Director of the FBI has already said, “…no proof that Trump interfered with the investigation”.

If Comey was telling the truth, then why didn’t he go to an official source such as the Attorney General, or the head of the Senate Intelligence Committee? Why did Comey simply hang on to this so-called information without telling even ONE PERSON in an official capacity, until after he was fired and the Seth Rich story surfaced? The reason he did not is that he is making up this up to distract from the Rich revelations that destroys the Russian allegations and the fact that if Trump gets beyond this ridiculous Russian allegations, heads, very big heads are going to roll over Pedogate because the left will have run out of options short of a World War and/or major false flag operations.

Before tying up loose ends, let’s look closer at the Rich story. What FOX News did not answer is why did Rich leak these emails? And what is in these emails?

If I were to lead detective on the scene, here is what I would be looking at.  First, the content of the mails had to be very disturbing to Seth Rich. And second, the content of the emails had to be so volatile that someone, or more likely, some organization, such as the Deep State had to go to extreme measure to publicly murder a person to prevent further exposure. Are the FOX reporters that stupid that they did not consider these implications, or, are they being blocked and by whom?

What would cause a man to betray his own and then pay for it with his life? What motivated Comey to risk perjury with his nonsense allegations against Trump. We are seeing wildly desperate acts here.  I mentioned body language earlier and now it comes into play. Here is only one small example of what I am seeing. I was channel surfing the news recently, and landed upon the Arizona Diamondbacks baseball game. Senator John McCain was there with his wife. He positioned himself to sit where he would be in every TV shot of home plate.  I got about 3 innings of observing McCain and watched a short interview as well. What I saw were all the signs of raw fear.  McCain had trouble expressing coherent sentences, he was scattered and that is putting it nicely. Further, his body language was closed and engaged in what is often called self-touch gestures and this accompanied his very closed and rigid body language. This speaks to fear and apprehension.  I have been noting this from many on the looney left. They know what is coming.

Back to Seth Rich for a moment as I asked the question what would motivate Rich to betray his own an engage in high risk revelations that could be easily be traced? Rich turned out to be a whistle blower who paid for his deeds with his life. The content of these emails must be extremely volatile. I have a hint of what is in these emails and why Rich may have been disgusted enough to take the risk.

One of my well-placed sources that contacted me yesterday, told me that he is hearing that the Rich emails to Wikileaks contains Podesta-Clinton exchanges on the so-called Pizzagate (ie Pedogate) allegations. Whether this is true or not, the word of this source is unimportant. We have enough political context to conclude that Pedogate is in these emails and I am calling on Wikileaks to release more content other than the teasers that we have seen.  Rich had to be highly motivated to do what he did and abusing children on a horrific scale would have provided that motivation. Further, the political climate is the right one to believe that the email leaks to Wikileaks by Seth Rich had to be attributed to a mythical Russian cyber-hacker which could lead to plausible deniability.


Unsubstantiated allegations against the President by a deposed former employee. The murder of an insider following the release of information. The scared ____ less look of many on the looney left. The fact that Jeff Sessions is putting away pedophiles by the thousands. As Steve Quayle said on my show, the sins of the leaders will be revealed in the end days.

I hope all of you have your preparations in order. The Deep State is a wounded animal and will undoubtedly be lashing out.  Your best defense, for now, is personal preparation.

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