Maxine Waters’ Dirty Personal Secret Leaks, Media Trying to BURY This Story

Courtesy of Mr Tom Fernandez

Maxine Waters’ Dirty Personal Secret Leaks, Media Trying to BURY This Story

The Uncannie1

Waters has water on the brain. How is it someone like her can afford to live in a $4.2 million gated home? She represents the mentally impaired and violent invaders. She needs to be placed in an insane assylum.
Flashburn -

Richard Cole ,i feel that she is a tub of shit, always has that look on her face like she like she had a good taste of as well.
Douglas Overhoff

They were going to use Maxine Waters’ photo in the dictionary next to the word hypocrite, but decided that she’s just too ugly!
JG Harts

Waters talks out both sides of her mouth! Ask her how she saved her husband’s bank & paid her daughter $600,000. Where did the money come from in both cases???

Where else? She ripped off the goddamn taxpayer thats how! This P.O.S believes that the people’s money is her money! And she’ll do whatever she damn well pleases with it thank you very much. If you dare to question her she’ll scream RACISM and call the congressional back caucus on your ass. It is time for this Fool who doesn’t even live in the district she supposedly represents to get the HELL OUT! Either that or maybe get some hemp rope. That old shit stain elijah cummings needs to get the hell out as well.
Houston Randolph

typical liberal bull shit. she don’t practice what’s she preach. Maxine is full of crap.

A female version of Al Sharpton.
Ronald Tash

this UGLY COW always has its mouth open!
Patriot Warrior

Her neighborhood is only 3 % black,but she is of course the champion of poor black people in her district(that she doesn’t live in).This worthless bitch needs to be voted out.

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