Unbelievable! UK Sends £Millions to North Korea in ‘Foreign Aid’

pennine:   For all the noise being made against North Korea (happen they’d be less threat if they weren’t being poked & provoked like an angry wasp, so much) by our PTB then to find out amongst our generous Foreign Aid packages to the world, -whilst there are  those of our own people relying upon Food Banks & disabled & ill people are having their financial help & wheel chairs snatched off them, the NHS isn’t over healthy and while our doors are ever open to the world including those who want to blow us -the kuffah- up while our own homeless can’t afford  a place to live, & British workers still being  paid insulting pittance wages, and where it’s considered a crime to be still alive  beyond 60yrs -North Korea (which has money enough to spend upon nuke experiments until it can wop us & America successfully) repeat NORTH KOREA is on the list of beneficiaries of our Foreign Aid and the ones responsible are expecting us to vote for them in a few weeks time- Oh what a farcical circus!!!

Courtesy of Mr Henry Watts & British National Party

Unbelievable! UK Sends £Millions to North Korea in ‘Foreign Aid’

Freedom Post

The British Government has sent £4Million in ‘foreign aid’ to North Korea in the past six years alone a report has revealed.

The rogue communist state which has threatened the West with “all out war” and on record as frantically seeking nuclear weapons is being lavished with British taxpayers’ money.

In 2009 alone, the British Government sent £32,000 in ‘aid’ to North Korea.

Under the Conservative/LibDem coalition these handouts increased, peaking at more than £1Million in 2013.

It begs the question: Which is more deranged, the murderous Kim Jong Un regime or the British political class forcing the British taxpayer to pay for the rogue state?


According to the Foreign Office, the money was spent on providing English lessons to regime officials and physiotherapy equipment (!!?), with the aim of improving relations.

A spokesman said:

“The projects we carry out in North Korea are part of our policy of critical engagement, and are used to promote British values and demonstrate to the North Korean people that engaging with the UK and the outside world is an opportunity rather than a threat.”

That’s alright then… except for the outstanding matter of the British Government forcing the British taxpayer to fund a tyrannical and murderous foreign regime!

Theresa May funds foreign space programmes and corrupt dictators with our money

Even the Tory former defence minister, Sir Gerald Howarth, slammed the handouts as “completely absurd”.

“There are some very poor people [in North Korea] because of the regime’s actions, but the country is a communist basket case.

“They are trying to build a nuclear missile to hit the United States, they are destabilising the entire region.

“Why on earth are we giving them aid?”

The British Government currently sends more than £12Billion to twenty of the most corrupt countries on the planet including Somalia, Afghanistan and Pakistan, all linked to Islamist terror organisations – and Theresa May has promised that the figure will rise.

Even disgraced ex-PM during a private conversation with the Queen in 2015 complained that Nigeria and Afghanistan are “two of the most corrupt countries in the world.”

Mrs May can’t tell you exactly where this colossal sum in ‘foreign aid’ goes, because the situation in most of these countries is so bad that there’s no way of knowing where it ends up.

But hey, everyone can be generous with someone else’s money so what does it matter to the decadent, rotten British political class?

Try explaining this outrageous situation to the 1.7Million children currently living in severe poverty in Britain unable to afford the bare necessities.

The BNP is demanding a stop to ALL ‘foreign aid’ until the 1.7million children living in severe poverty in Britain can be provided for, the thousands of pensioners facing freezing to death each winter in their own homes can afford their energy bill, and our NHS is funded and able to function properly.



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