Science or Senses?

Courtesy of Mr Shahzwar Bugti & Pinecone Utopia

Science or Senses? – FLAT EARTH

Published on May 13, 2017   by Shahzwar Bugti

Shahzwar Bugti killed the GLOBE with a single tap…

The best possessions of a person are his senses; and, when he uses them all, he will not be deceived in his survey of nature. It is only when some one faculty or other is neglected, manipulated or abused that he is deluded. Every person in full command of his senses knows that the Earth under his feet is still and motionless; but so-called scientists tell us that it is in constant motion in multiple directions at the same time. They claim that we can’t feel any of the incredible speeds because of GRAVITY and RELATIVITY! Since this is the best that “scientists”, with their theoretical science, can do for their fellow creatures – deceive them – it is clear that things are not as they say they are; and, in short, it is a proof that Earth is not a spinning globe!

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