Is Soros FUNDING Gina Miller? Remainer’s EU Group ‘Has Strong Links with Europhile Tycoon’

Is Soros FUNDING Gina Miller? Remainer’s EU group ‘has strong links with Europhile tycoon’

on May 13, 2017

Yes he is!

FEARS have been raised that a foreign billionaire who crashed the pound in the 1990s and has been dubbed “a large bodied predator” is behind Gina Miller’s attempts to scupper Brexit.


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Ms Miller – known as the “Chief Wrexiteer” –  last year caused outrage with her legal case which meant the historic referendum result had to be agreed by parliament which gave MPs and peers a chance to veto Brexit before Article 50 could be triggered.The 52-year-old former model has threatened more legal action to frustrate Brexit and is currently doling out £300,000 to Remoaner candidates in a bid to influence the election.

Gina Miller Brexit George SorosGETTY

Fears have been raised that George Soros is behind Gina Miller’s attempt to stop Brexit

She is even funding SNP candidates who are campaigning to break up Britain.Now a leading thinktank has linked her with the Hungarian born American magnate George Soros, who infamously made £1billion on black Wednesday in 1992 when he forced the pound to devalue causing an economic crisis in Britain.

Brexit George SorosGETTY

The billionaire crashed the pound in the 1990s and has been dubbed ‘a large bodied predator’

George Soros accused of MEDDLING in foreign affairs

The Bruges Group has pointed out that the people behind anti Brexit campaigner Gina Miller’s UK & EU Open Society company have strong links with Soros.

We don’t know how Europe might change in the next two years

Gina Miller

The billionaire, who funds the Open Society Foundation, has used his wealth to regularly interfere in EU politics to force Europe to accept thousands of migrants from the Middle East and Africa.

He has also intervened to try to keep the EU from falling apart even publishing a book on the subject – The Tragedy of the European Union.

Gina Miller BrexitGETTY

Ms Miller has threatened more legal action to scupper Brexit

In recent weeks he was dubbed “a large bodied predator” after he tried to stop Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban from defending his country’s borders from being overwhelmed by immigrants.The Guyana born Ms Miller’s EU and Open Society Ltd company shares a name with Mr Soros’ foundations.

The company’s directors include Anatole Kaletsk, Sir Clive Cowdery and Stephen Peel who sit on the boards of the Soros funded Institute for New Economic Thinking and Open Society Foundations.

Ms Miller’s husband Alan has also known George Soros since at least 2003 when Soros took a $100million 40 per cent share in Miller’s New Star hedge funds.Robert Oulds, director of the Bruges Group, said: “If Gina Miller and her business backers are intent on influencing British politics, we invite them to be completely upfront about their supporters and any personal, political or professional links to foreign businessmen.

“British voters would expect nothing less.”

The row has broken out after Ms Miller joined a group of Remoaner supporters in Westminsterfor a conference which also included wealthy luvvies musicians Jarvis Cocker and Bob Geldof and author Ian McEwan.In her speech opening the Convention, she raised the prospect that the vote could be reversed.

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