FBI Agent Busted for Taking Hillary Bribes Just Got Some Bad News(October.2016)

pennine: Although not exactly new news, the latest news of course being that President Trump has fired chief of FBI Mr Comey (some are saying it’s ‘not before time that he did’) This case regarding the FBI’s Deputy Director Andrew McCabe’s wife receiving a financial donation from Hilary Clinton seems  to have  become swept under the carpet. Surely the chief of the FBI would (or should) have been well aware of this case, why didn’t he offer his agent advice that it was unwise to accept such things or advise him to excuse himself from  involvement in the  investigations into Mrs Clinton.

            While some -in our msm -may seem at a loss as to why President Trump has taken his step in firing the FBI chief, could there have been several incidents- and this case about the Clinton bribe to FBI Deputy Director’s  wife,being just one that was found out -to suggest that as it became under Mr Comey’s leadership, all  was not kosher at all.

Courtesy of Rusty & Political Insider

FBI Agent Busted for Taking Hillary Bribes Just Got Some Bad News(October.2016)

hillary fbi bribe

A top FBI official whose wife accepted donations of $500,000 from a long-time Clinton insider is now being pressured to resign his position.

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, a long-time Clinton insider and former Hillary Clinton campaign chairman, helped facilitate donations – two separate payments, one for $467,500 and another for $207,788 – to the campaign coffers of the wife of Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe.

McCabe just so happened to take on “an oversight role in the investigation into Secretary Clinton’s emails” just months later.

The new Deputy Director didn’t feel the need to recuse himself from the case, creating a clear conflict of interest.

Now, he could be in big trouble…

Via the Washington Examiner:

The FBI’s second in command is facing pressure over donations Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, a top Clinton ally, made to the official’s wife who was running an uphill battle against a popular conservative Northern Virginia state senator.

That senator, Dick Black, on Monday called for the resignation of Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe.

Black said that McCabe, who later oversaw the probe into the Hillary Rodham Clinton email scandal, should have known McAuliffe was one of Clinton’s closest advisers and friends and recused himself from the probe of the Democratic presidential candidate.

“I call on Andrew McCabe to step down from the FBI for the good of all the agents who do the their work in in ethical and honest fashion,” Black told Secrets. “What he has done has hurt the FBI.”

The FBI probe, as we all know, cleared Clinton of any wrongdoing. McCabe should have avoided working on the email case because donations from the Clinton confidant created the appearance that he owed the campaign something.

Virginia Senator Dick Black issued a press release calling on McCabe to “resign immediately based on (these) disclosures.”

“McCabe should have immediately recused himself from the investigation,” Black said. “His failure to do so proves that he is unqualified to serve as Deputy Director of the FBI, or in any position of trust in the United States Government.”

Was it worth all that campaign money to let Hillary get away with mishandling classified information? Was it worth it to forever tarnish your career?

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