“Many Remoaners Still Do Not Understand Why Leavers Voted For Brexit”

pennine: Pericles is a hero of mine too,The Athenians-what a great model & example and gift of democracy to the world!!! Albeit that slaves & women might not have had the vote, but perhaps the women didn’t mind that such much,since theirs was the  organisation of the religious aspect & festivities & functions which were pretty important in their society & held much sway. Women weren’t barred from speaking out against what they considered injustice, as Sophocles highlighted in his play about Antigone’s speech to Creon over the denial of funerary rites for her brother Polynices, which underlines  how important the religious/spiritual aspect to their civilisation. Raging against Creon’s disrespect  …she says: 

“Yea, for these laws were not ordained of Zeus,

And she who sits enthroned with gods below,

Justice, enacted not these human laws.

Nor did I deem that thou, a mortal man,
Could’st by a breath annul and override
The immutable unwritten laws of Heaven.
They were not born today nor yesterday;They die not; and none knoweth whence they sprang…..” 

                As for slavery, this inhumane crime has been fought and its abolishment won by decent people over the ages. It  should not be still in existence today, it has no place in a civilised world. Our breaking from the EU, is to me -a Leave voter – an escape from slavery & servitude.

       On a final note,it’s  a cruel irony, indeed heart-rendering seeing Greece today as it’s become at the hands of less glorious,less democratic forces of the EU regime. I sincerely hope that WHEN  we the UK make it through Brexit and achieve our liberty & subsequent improved  fortunes, that there is some way we could help Greece get onto her feet, and it’s hoped that the Greek people will  eventually rise in their inherent wisdom,  desire & go for it & win a Grexit. Sadly we cannot recreate history, but by it’s brilliant example Athenian Democracy will be the strength & guiding light that leads  Greece to her glory once again.
    My apology for what was intended to be a brief note by way of introduction to  a good article by CyberBoris, has turned into an amateur mini-essay. It’s the mention of Pericles & Athenian democracy ‘wots’ done it.

Courtesy of CyberBoris

Many Remoaners still do not understand why Leavers voted for Brexit

As early as the 5th century B.C.,  Boris Johnson’s hero Pericles said this in a famous political speech,’“The reason why our system is called democratic politics is that the regime is in the hands of all citizens, rather than a small group of people. When dealing with private disputes, everyone is equal under the law.”

Our rights were taken away from us by the EU.  We lost British Law because EU Law is now stronger.  We lost the right of ordinary people to directly vote out the EU chiefs.  We ordinary people cannot vote out Juncker, Verhofstadt, and Tusk and they can make laws without consulting Parliament.

But before we joined the EU, we could vote out British party leaders., answerable to no-one.  Unless ordinary people have that direct power, we do not have democracy.

We only have the right of veto on 20% of EU principles now.

We have lost contol of our own affairs, for example, the EU makes our trade deals.  Fixes our VAT.  We want that control back.

72 countries in the world do not have democracy.  So we are now on the same level as countries like People’s Republic of China, Saudi Arabia, Vatican City, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Cuba, and North Korea.

We have lost our liberty.

This is what Remoaners wanted to throw away for Britain.

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