REPORT: ANTIFA Agent Kills Fellow College Student…

pennine: My heartfelt compassion & condolences go out to the young gent Mr Harrison Brown’s family & friends. Hopes & prayers for swift  healing & recovery for the wounded.

           This news is horrendous & shocking yet  considering the crazed hatred & violence  emanating from these venomous people(surely ‘terrorists’)  Sadly seems to be what we are coming to expect from them the likes of Antifa, Black-Lives-Matter & Radical Leftists/Communists. So far I’ve heard no mention of this here in the UK, a marked contrast from how it would have been had the roles been reversed. What gain can it possibly be for them to have brutally attacked-(& cowardly too,in that they used a weapon upon what I presume were  arm-less, defenceless) – innocent people? The only gain their action will receive is decent people’s revulsion & alienation .

What the hell is the cause these brutes are supposedly fighting against? It can’t be Fascism or Nazism or Communism  or whatever ‘Ism’ that has  been  inflicted upon humankind throughout political history, for surely these people themselves are the very epitome and imitation of those despised caustic  totalitarianisms.  If they looked in the mirror they may see it for themselves.

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REPORT: ANTIFA Agent Kills Fellow College Student…

From the Truth Division

It’s time.

ANTIFA (Anti-Fascist) needs to be officially deemed a terrorist group — it’s reported that a member of the group has taken the life of a college student.

The Inquisitr reports:

According to local Austin news outlet KXAN, Kendrex J. White, a student at the University of Texas at Austin, is suspected of stabbing four men, killing one, in a Monday afternoon rampage that ended after the suspect was apprehended by police. While police say that White’s motive is unknown, many are speculating whether this man, who is believed to have targeted fraternity and sorority members, was connected to an Antifa organization that sent out recent threats to these same groups.

Black UT student stabs 4 White students wearing Greek letters 1 week after ANTIFA labeled all fraternities ‘racist’ 

Photo published for One dead after UT Austin stabbing, at least three injured

One dead after UT Austin stabbing, at least three injured

At least three students have been injured and one killed in a UT Austin stabbing attack. The assailant is now in custody, say UT Police

KXAN reports that Kendrex J. White attacked his victims with a “Bowie-style” hunting knife and that the victim who died was identified as 19-year-old Harrison Brown. All of the victims were male students who attended UT Austin. Three of them were white and one was Asian, according to Fox News. According to The Tab, one is believed to be in the Lambda Chi fraternity. Even more intriguing, KXAN reports that an eyewitness claimed that Kendrex White attacked a sorority girl before stabbing his victims. UT Austin student Nidia Cavazos explained,

“He kicked a sorority girl to the point where she almost fell. A little bit later, that same guy ended up pulling out the knife. Everybody started yelling and running in our direction.”

According to The Tab, those who attended UT Austin warned each other not to display Greek letters in the wake of the attack, with some claiming that additional students were targeted for belonging to Greek groups. One message reads the following.

“My roommate’s friend just had a knife put to their throats and the person checked to see if she had Greek letters underneath her hoodie.”

The same claim appears in another message.

“A girl in West Campus just had a knife to her throat. She was wearing a sweatshirt and was asked to remove it to check for letters. She luckily wasn’t wearing them and was let go.”

Although UT Austin police have claimed that they “do not have information about credible threats to specific groups of people,” it should be noted that fraternities were specifically targeted and threatened by Antifa vandals only a few weeks before Kendrex White’s stabbing rampage.

According to PJ Media, several frat houses at the University of Texas were spray painted with the words “rapist,” “racist,” and, most notably, “kill frat boys.” The vandals, who also spray painted a hammer-and-sickle symbol on the frat houses, explained their intentions in a statement published on a radical leftist website:

“Let us make it impossible for the administration and frats to simply wait out the occasional uproar, and let us constantly agitate against them and make their lives hell. Let us make racists, frat bros, and the administration afraid again — afraid of students, afraid of the marginalized and harassed, afraid of the exploited and excluded.”

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