NUKES DON’T EXIST … wake up!

pennine: I’ve no idea whether nuclear weapons exist or not. But could  well understand  it being one of those lies that has potential (just like Nasa etc..) of being a very lucrative cash-cow in the armament industry. But one thing is certainly true, whatever weaponries  that have been in the past, is currently & will be in the future used are  bad enough in their devastating  power to kill people in-mass & cause utmost destruction, even without nukes.

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NUKES DON’T EXIST … wake up!

NUKES DON’T EXIST … wake up!
If nukes existed then this below video would make no sense.Watch and listen and then use your brain!

almost no radioactively was left by the Tsar bomb the largest supposed nuke in the world and the same was found to be the case at Hiroshima.A Jesuits who was beyond a hill a bit further away when the blast went off was asked this question (old chip shown) „What is your opinion regarding the belief that the ruins of the city omitted deadly rays” his reply was „I think it was just a rumour as myself and others worked in the city immediately after the explosion and we suffered no ill effects what-so-ever.

American scientists sweeping Hiroshima with Geiger counters a month after the explosion to see if the area was safe for occupation troops found a devastated city but little radioactivity. Water lilies blackened by the blast had already begun to grow again, suggesting that whatever radioactivity there had been immediately following the blast had quickly dissipated.”

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There was very little radioactive fallout.” Even though the Earth below the blast was sheered by the intense head and bowled out.

American scientists sweeping Hiroshima with Geiger counters a month after the explosion to see if the area was safe for occupation troops found a devastated city but little radioactivity.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 16035703

Why would there be any radioactivity, if a nuke wasn’t involved?

Nuke blast radioactivity DOES dissipate quickly. Most nuke survival plans involve staying underground for at least 2 days because that is when the radioactivity is most intense. Within a week you can safely go outside.

What we know about nukes tells us that finding minimal radiation at the site of the blast a month later is what you’d expect.

How powerful are these bombs really?Although these types of bombs were used in Hiroshima and Nagasaki they were only for show and never caused the huge damage there, this was caused by fire bomb raids and come conventional bombing in the case of Nagasaki.

Nagasaki was not the target of large-scale bombing prior to 9 August 1945. However, the city had been previously bombed on a small scale five times. Of these raids, on 1 August, a number of conventional high-explosive bombs were dropped on the city. A few hit in the shipyards and dock areas in the southwest portion of the city, several hit the Mitsubishi Steel and Arms Works, and six bombs landed at the Nagasaki Medical School and Hospital, with three direct hits on buildings there. [link to]

Take a look at Hiroshima after the supposed nuke.

You immediately notice the concrete buildings are not bomb damaged; only fire damaged and the streets are clear of any debris which shows no huge atomic explosive wind swept through. Can be seen here is footage (3.13 into clip) which shows the damage is clearly fire damage.

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Also note: Ground zero was only 300 meters away from the bank which is not damaged at all and opened for business days later. [link to]

Napalm Carpet Bombing

Hiroshima and Nagasaki were simply destroyed by US conventional napalm, carpet, morning 3 to 5 a.m., terror bombing raids by 300 – 400 B-29 planes taking off from Iwo Jima piloted by very young and stupid American boys dropping 1 500 tons of Rocky Mountains Arsenal made napalm bombs like Tokyo, Yokohama (29 May 1945*), Nagoya and 90+ other Japanese cities in 1945 killing 100 000’s of people.
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Take a close look at these two pictures

Tokyo after being fire bombed in 1945 notice the brick buildings still standing.

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Now look at Hiroshima after apparently being nuked.

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Did you spot any differences?

No, because both were fire bombed like Dresden.

Watch to this hugely disturbing video.
So which cities were fire-bombed five days after the two supposed nukes went off?…+wake+up%21

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