How we were taken into the EU illegally by Edward Heath

Courtesy of CyberBoris

How we were taken into the EU illegally by Edward Heath

We were taken into the EU illegally, so is our membership even legal now?  An article by writer Vernon Cole explains  PM Edward Heath should have held a Referendum before he signed the treaty that gave away our sovereignty to the EU. Parliament has legal sovereignty, but the people have political sovereignty. edwardheathIn 1972, Heath was afraid to hold a Referendum, because there was huge antipathy to the Common Market at that time. (2 to 1).  So without holding the requisite Referendum,  he signed the European Communities Bill, making us part of the Common Market that later became the EU.

Vernon Cole says:  “In 1972, when Heath decided to take Britain into the Common Market, he used Parliament’s legal sovereignty to deny and permanently limit the political sovereignty of the electorate. Heath and Parliament changed the basic rules and they did not have the right (legal or moral) to do that. The 1972 European Communities Bill wasn’t just another Act of Parliament. Heath’s Bill used Parliament’s legal sovereignty, and status as representative of the electorate, to deny the fundamental rights of the electorate.

In an attempt to make our membership legal, Harold Wilson held a  “retrospective Referendum”, but according to many British constitutional experts, this referendum was also illegal.

Mr. Cole says:  “Attempts through the courts to annul our membership of the European Union on the basis that Parliament acted improperly have failed because Parliament, through its legal sovereignty, is the source of the law in Britain and the courts are, therefore, unable to challenge any Parliamentary Act.”

Additionally, Cameron and Osborne were so desperate to stay in the EU this year,  they tried to rig this latest Referendum and broke many of the rules governing the legal procedure.  This could have made them vulnerable to a legal challenge that this Referendum also is illegal.

In these circumstances, it is clear that any legal challenge or claim by Remain that we should stay in the EU, in spite of the democratic will of the people, is morally wrong, never mind legally and would be  doomed to failure. Politicians could vote on the Referendum Bill which passed 6 to 1.  So they cannot expect legally expect another vote on our vote in the EU Referendum.

Update:  Details of how Ted Heath blatantly lied to the people of this country are here. Many other politicians colluded in these lies.

The Queen is the protector of our sovereignty and of all our rights and freedoms.

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