Le Pen Gains as Macron Drops Six Points

Courtesy of Truth Revolt

Le Pen Gains as Macron Drops Six Points

Rising up!


Presidential candidate Marine Le Pen, whom some consider France’s version of Donald Trump and potential Frexit leader, has jumped up from 33% support to 40% support following the weekend. 

Though her opponent Emmanuel Macron once held a commanding 34-point lead over Le Pen at 67%-33%, he has since dropped a whole six points, according to a Harris interactive poll. He still holds a commanding lead of 20%, but if Le Pen continues the steady climb before the election, The Atlantic speculates that Macron could very well lose to the former National Front leader. 

The polls, which quite accurately projected his first-round win, have him besting Le Pen in the second round by at least 20 percent, and perhaps much more. The great wave of reactionary anger said to be cresting over Europe seems to have arrived about knee high in France.

Neither candidate hails from one of France’s two major parties, however, and if the first-round vote may be said to signify anything at all, it is surely a certain exasperation with the country’s traditional political class.

As the election heats up, France’s panicked elites have come out swinging against Le Pen. Over the weekend, for example, film director Luc Besson (The Professional) pleaded with his countrymen not to elect her.  

“Marine is an heiress, raised in wealth and luxury in Saint-Cloud, a well-heeled suburb of Paris,” he wrote. “She has never really worked in her life: neither in a company, nor in a factory, and definitely not on a farm. She has never contributed to France’s growth, and has never created any jobs (except fake ones apparently). She is, in reality, the perfect representative of the Establishment she denounces, living off handouts from Brussels, and exploiting the system in every possible way to her advantage.”

“How can you claim to be the ‘candidate of the people’ without ever working for or with the people? And how can you declare your opposition to the ‘system’ while milking it for all it’s worth for decades?” he added

And yet it is the people she has galvanized, and candidate Donald Trump was accused of being rich and out-of-touch too — until the election.

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