Thought on “HOLTON: Why All The Jihadi Attacks Around The World? Why Now?”

pennine: If  Islam is but a Cult, holding its members by fear (murdering people if they leave. Women & little girls horrifically mutilated FGM against their will) and so on,by Terror- Terrorism then aren’t our police/law enforcement duty bound to do something about it & arrest the culprits??? Please don’t miss watching the video at the end of the comment.


Courtesy of A Commentator on  Counter Jihad & The Brave Gent Mr Al Rassooli

Thought on “HOLTON: Why All The Jihadi Attacks Around The World? Why Now?”

  1. Dear Mr Holton, I respectfully disagree that ISIS and Islamic terror can be defeated MILITARILY

    There is only ONE version of Islam and or Muslims called FUNDAMENTALIST.

    There are no SHADES in Islam such as Moderate, Militant, Radical or Extremist Muslims. Islam is Islam just as there were never Moderate, Militant, Radical or Extremist Nazis or Communists.

    In fact, the term “lone wolf” does not exist in Islamic doctrine. What DOES exist in Islamic doctrine is the fact that Jihad is an individual as well as a collective obligation.

    Therefore all Muslims are Jihadis. ALL of them; because they are all following one book: Muhammad’s Quran

    Islam can and will be utterly Humiliated and Defeated only on the Battlefield of KNOWLEDGE of Islam as I explain herein~

    I shall repeat the following at every opportunity possible so that hopefully it will awaken millions of otherwise CLUELESS brains regarding the EXISTENTIAL threat posed by Muslims to all non Muslim/ Kuffar humanity

    Because Sharia mandates it, every Muslim is the Eternal and Mortal enemy of every human being who is NOT a Muslim called Kuffar/ Infidels (currently 80% of humanity)

    All the bombs in the world are useless against Muslim terrorists because millions of them are living among us in our democracies while undermining and terrorizing us in our own nations. All lectures about Islam although informative do not address the CORE belief of Muslims

    Muhammad declared TOTAL WAR against all non Muslim humanity 1400 years ago. His current followers are Terrorizing Plundering Conquering Raping Slaughtering at will 80% of non Muslim humanity called KUFFAR/ Infidels be they Christians Buddhists Hindus Jews and all others

    Contrary to what most of the criminally negligent Media Academia Politicians and Clergy tell the world this NOT a CIVILIZATION WAR but a war of BELIEFS (Theological) and hence can only be defeated on the battlefield of KNOWLEDGE!

    The most PERSECUTED believers in the 21st century are CHRISTIANS by MUSLIMS!

    The whole of Islamic theology stands or falls based entirely on a single IDEA: That Allah the god of Muslims is the SAME as the God of the Bible.

    Everything to do with Islam, Muslims, Muhammad, Sharia, Quran and Sunna are OBLITERATED in less than TEN minutes by simply PROVING beyond a shadow or even a reasonable doubt that no god called Allah or angel called called Jibril ever revealed ANYTHING to Muhammad who concocted the whole of his Quran while PRETENDING it is from Allah.

    Muhammad is Allah. PERIOD!

    All other explanations, theories, platitudes and elucidations are IRRELEVANT and unnecessary

    Since Allah is NOT the God of the Bible, Islam is not a RELIGION. Islam is a CULT; the Cult of Muhammad

    Any challengers to prove me wrong?
    IQ al Rassooli
    Kafir & Proud!


One thought on “Thought on “HOLTON: Why All The Jihadi Attacks Around The World? Why Now?”

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