Breaking: Two Of Trey Gowdy’s Investigators Reported Missing

pennine:Sounds Ominous, especially for anyone onto the Clinton trail, as the record is not good. Please hold these two people in your prayers for their safety& indeed also for Mr Gowdy, i think he’s a good gent.

Courtesy of Sentinel Blog, Et-Al

Breaking: Two Of Trey Gowdy’s Investigators Reported Missing

Source: Your News Wire, by Baxter Dmitry

Two investigators working for the Congressional committee headed by Trey Gowdy (R-SC) have gone missing in the Little Rock, Arkansas area.

According to phone records, the two men were in Little Rock with congressional subpoenas and instructions to search the private residence attached to the William Jefferson Clinton Presidential Library.

The two investigators, whose identities will remain classified until it can be confirmed that foul play was involved, were employees of the federal government under private contract to investigate the Clintons. The specifics of what they were looking for is also classified.

Their vehicle, a blue Ford Escape, was found in a rest area just outside of town with the keys in the ignition, according to sources.

Jeff Session’s Department of Justice assigned special investigators to the case in order to keep it out of the hands of the FBI, which he believes may have become compromised.

In March, Trey Gowdy fought back tears in Congress as he put the elite pedophile ring on notice, warning that anyone who dares interfere with his child exploitation investigation will be forced to publicly explain why they are obstructing it.

Gowdy delivered an emotionally charged speech on the first day back at Congress, discussing child sex abuse cases and the mental images that have been scarred on his brain after seeing material related to the investigation into the pedophile rings that have infiltrated Washington D.C.

Addressing a detective charged with heading the investigation, Gowdy said: “I want you to give me a list of the providers that are giving you a hard time. We are going to have another [hearing] here. We are going to have them come and publicly explain why they are having a hard time complying with law enforcement in child exploitation and child abuse cases.”

My guess is that will be a very tough public explanation for them. So, give me the names and the providers that you are having a hard time dealing with. And I may not be able to make them stop doing it, but I can make them come and explain why they are doing it.

And my guess is they won’t want to do that.”

Source: Breaking: Two Of Trey Gowdy’s Investigators Reported Missing – Your News Wire

6 thoughts on “Breaking: Two Of Trey Gowdy’s Investigators Reported Missing

  1. Yes, I remember the Commission’s investigation.

    A proper man, and measuring times.

    These people should take special escort 24 hours, I would hire people veteran of the U.S. Army.

    There must be a special protection for researchers in these matters and security must provide a Special Committee of the law, regardless of the institutions of the Government of the day.

    The signs are little positive. It will have been a custom of the masonry.

    I remember now, another case in Argentina, with a judge investigating a corruption issues, and appeared in a toilet, she was told that he had committed suicide, but it seems that it did not.

    Thank you very much for the information.

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    1. Many Thanks Patriot, that what you say is sound advice, re some vet army folks should have gone along with them and watched their backs, i pray they’ll turn up well, but their car being found with the ignition keys still there sounds bad, they (in this case)could have done with some tracking device on or in their persons. pity the C’s can’t be arrested on the grounds that everyone who’s got in their way, or knew something on them or who have even spoke out against them all seem to go the same journey. Still there’s hope,maybe the investigators had something up their sleeves and surely there’s more people connected to
      congress beside the very brave & good Mr Gowdy, who’ve noticed the very many strange deaths & disappearances and who wants it all sorting out. But when you sup with the devil, it best to use a long spoon.
      Take good care friend, kindest & God Bless, pennine:-)

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      1. Many Thanks Lolathecur & Patriot for welcomed & great comments. If you still following this posting: i have- since putting this up re the two investigators of Mr G’s, -visited a couple of places & there appears to be conflicting reports, someone (claiming to be from reddit i believe) made contacted with Mr Gody’s office & even gave the phone number, and seemed there was no truth to the story and that the office had been dealing with it all day (i took that to be from folks ringing in to ask about the case) But then, in passing, i noticed somewhere a couple of days ago saying the 2 investigators had been found (dead i am afraid to say) but off i went to do further research & couldn’t find anything at all. I don’t live in America to hear any mainstrea news (but am distrustful of them in any case, and if isn’t a Democrat they might not be interested in reporting, or it may be all kept at a low profile) If this has happened to the two people then it should be shouted from the highest roof top if only to scare the perpetrators behind such crime.Maybe time will tell. Oh one thing i noticed in report i stumbled upon (i’ll retrace my steps to find it, i didn’t hang onto it and post, lest it be a false alarm)did say who ever it was (the killer) must have been a pro as no evidence has been left. Well, if the ones behind this are who i suspect, of course the killer would be a pro, considering the amount of people they have already murdered (or suicided) They’ve had plenty of practice over the years. Will keep looking or if you find anything, i’d appreciate it. My email is
        Thanks Again for the replies & likes & re-bloggs. Have a good & peaceful weekend. Take Good Care, Kindest from pennine:-)


        1. Have been back, and seems the origins of the report began from a website called the Last Line of Defense-here is their updated report:
          Although that’s not where i found the first report,but the Sentinel Blog which i find usually ok. Snopes (not that i believe them all of the time, yet they may be correct this time, i don’t know) reckon its Fake news. I suppose we’ll get some weird tricks attempted on us, to make it appear we are fakes by the Real -Fake-stream. Snopes report is:


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