McCain: Trump Administration Rhetoric ‘Probably Was Partially to Blame’ for Syria Chemical Attack

Courtesy Of Mr Tom Fernandez & Ms Pam Key

McCain: Trump Administration Rhetoric ‘Probably Was Partially to Blame’ for Syria Chemical Attack

By Pam Key

Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) said the administration of President Donald Trump was “probably was partially to blame,” for the deadly chemical weapons attack in Syria.

McCain referred to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson comments in March that “the longer-term status” of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad will be decided by the Syrian people, McCain said, “I think it probably was partially to blame. And Secretary Tillerson is basically saying the same thing after kind of contradicting himself and then saying the same thing argues vigorously for a plan and a strategy. As I said, again, taking this action, I support and was important. But we have got to have a strategy and a plan to follow through.”

“Just a one-time deal is not going to be productive,” he continued. “And saying we are only going after chemical weapons areas ignores the enormity of the problem. A very small percentage of the people have been slaughtered in Syria have been slaughtered by chemical weapons. It has been done by barrel bombs and indiscriminate killing and all of the other war crimes that have been committed.”

Justin T.

Why isn’t CNN asking for proof that Assad dropped the chemical weapons and not the rebels? Who will take Assad’s place? CNN is promoting never ending war in the middle east. McCain and CNN are warmongers. CNN=Fake News

Jaw Knee

Retire you senile old man.

Craig Butterfield

Mc Cain and Obama created Isis, this is a joke, the globalists don’t want to kill Isis they created Isis, you don’t think the USA Army could have eliminated these guy’s by now? This is a sham, Isis is there to help fight and eliminate Assad, they want that dam oil and control of the region without making it so obvious to the American people that the USA globalists and Isis are doing it for the oil and region control. Isis is part of the USA Army , only that they are under cover and made out to be bad guys! This is another false flag by McCain. Their gonna get control of that dam oil! and kill Assad! Putin and Syria had Isis on the run and was killing them and winning, when they needed another false flag to save the lives of Isis, so they came up with another false flag , a fake chemical attack video to convince the American people that Assad needs to go! ( Why do you think Isis was using all USA weapons and Toyota trucks because they were supplied by Obama, Benghazi was all about gun running to Isis and the witnesses needed to be eliminated! All the bad guys happens to be all the countries in that region who controls the oil and are pushing away the dollar, Russia, Syria and Iran ! ( now wait for the collapse or wars).

tamara diaz

the day that this mother fucker pass away the world will be more safe .

Emilio Murillo

too much money being spent on Syria, Russia wants a Mediterranean port and Assad wants to give it to him and European allies don’t want to give Russia the port. make a deal and stop killing the people


McCain never met a war he didn’t like, never met an enemy he didn’t want to arm.

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