18% of Democrat Members Admit To Being Racist, And No one Reports It

pennine: What i do find surprising is discovering  any  numbers at all being recorded  when it comes to  Democrats & racism.   As i’d imagine the American Democrats being very similar to our Left here in UK. Who  would be very quick to brand anyone (outside their own political circle) “racist” at the slightest excuse to do so. Much i suppose is down to what gets published and what gets hidden.

                   During the run up to the 2016 American Election, i saw one electioneering   campaign run by some Haitian people (or people in support of them) singing “Don’t Vote For Hilary, She’s Killing Black People.” Had anyone so much as whispered an unfounded rumor along similar lines  about President Trump, doubtless a full scale investigation would immediately have been called for. Yet these people seemed pretty sure of their convictions in regard Hilary.
                There is an impression  that much has been kept under wraps. But why? Maybe out of political party preference? Perhaps it could be out of fear to publish truth? Or is it financially profitable (i.e paid off) to keep pens in pocket & mouths zipped. Or a mix of all three?    Strange old political world.

Courtesy & Thanks To: Mr Mark Angelides & Investment Watch Blog

18% of Democrat Members Admit To Being Racist, And No one Reports It

by Mark Angelides

A recent polling through Chicago University’s National Opinion Research Center shows that 18% of Democratic Party members who responded to the survey stated that they thought black people were less intelligent than whites. But of course, this is not the story that’s doing the rounds. What you’ll find in the MSM are reports about how the Republican members are more racist than Democrats. Now this may in fact be the case, but if you add it to the cannon of stories about the “racist Republican Party”, it barely makes a ripple. So why has not the Democrat response made the front page? And is there actually a big difference between the two parties?

The 2016 figures for those who though “Black People are Less Intelligent than White People” are:

Democrats = 18%

Republicans = 26%

What’s important to remember is that these are the people who ADMITTED to thinking this; not necessarily the numbers of those that may secretly feel that this is the case. When polling is done in this manner, it neglects to take into account “socially acceptable attitudes within peer groups”. In Republican peer circles, it may be that people feel freer to voice their real opinions (regardless of what those opinions are); whereas the Democrat circles are notoriously “groupthinked” in terms of what views are acceptable and which are not.

Add this to the fact that people may be wary of admitting “controversial” opinions for fear of being “outed”, and it is likely that the numbers for both groups are higher, but with a greater increase in the Democrat figure (please note that I am not suggesting that the Democrat figure would be higher than the Republican, just that the “rise” would be greater).


So why isn’t the MSM reporting the fairly shocking number of Democrats who hold these opinions? Could it be because they have a specific narrative in which each of the parties and the players have been assigned a specific role to enable the flow of the fairytale? This is again a case of the media using polls to persuade rather than inform…simple propaganda.


The breakdown of these attitudes over the last 26 years has been gathered by David Benkof at the Daily Caller.

  • Republicans (1990): 57 percent
  • Republicans (2000): 39 percent
  • Republicans (2010): 33 percent
  • Republicans (2016): 26 percent
  • Democrats (1990): 60 percent
  • Democrats (2000): 40 percent
  • Democrats (2010): 26 percent
  • Democrats (2016): 18 percent

The figures clearly show that this particular attitude has been lessening in both parties (admitted) over the years and is likely to do so in the future. An interesting survey would be of registered Black member’s opinions on the reverse question; but of course this would never happen because the data could never be used to further the fairytale.


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