The Tsunami Email Campaign

Courtesy & Thanks To: Pinecone Utopia & Burning-Down-The-House

The Tsunami Email Campaign

Starting Sunday 2nd April 2017 and running until the end of May, we are contacting all US States and 156 countries of the world to deliver them an ultimatum to stop the systematic mutilation of people with microwave weapons and neuro-weapons that is part of the Global Death Camp Program by 1st June 2017.

Silent kill of people is part of the global depopulation and eugenics program that the cartel holders have launched in their ultimate power delirium as a result of their severe psychopathy. Many researchers have described these programs in detail using the declassified government documents that outline the warfare technology, for example Mark M. Rich (see his outstanding video series), Ramola D, Paul Baird, Deborah Tavares and Prof. Eric Karlstrom and countless others.

Stopping these global Nazi programs and the endemic corruption in our intelligence agencies and police forces that allowed it to build up into this insanity is extremely hard. It is like trying to flip a car on its roof. It has to be done with regular pushes that increase in intensity. This is why we don’t do it in one go, but instead have 3 Action Days every week: Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and repeat the campaign for 8 weeks.

Emails on Action Days

On each of the 3 Action Days per week, we are emailing 2 US States and 6 of the 156 most populous countries in order of increasing size. Washington D.C. and Russia have been bumped up the list to appear in the grande finale on the last Action Day on 30th May.

Detailed Campaign Schedule

A template letter you can use is coming soon!

The suggested email lists to send the letter to will also be provided.

The template letter and the email lists are merely a suggestion. We are honoured if you choose to use them, but we also strongly encourage you to use your own local knowledge to collect email addresses of officials to contact and write your own text either using parts of the template or devising your own letters. It is an important part of this campaign that people add their own voice to this global human endeavour. Many people around the world have been silenced by various means and our aim is to undo all those pernicious processes and unleash the full potential of the human race by making every individual’s voice count.

Please put our campaign email into “cc” (=carbon-copy) when you send your emails. We are collecting evidence that the officials have been contacted. Why that is important is explained below.

The Purpose

The aim of this email campaign is to notify all officials with a statutory duty to act to protect civilians and to stop and investigate these crimes and to fight terrorism. As soon as they are officially notified, they have a duty to act and therefore when they refuse to help, it creates a public liability for them.

We also include charities and other public bodies in the email campaign and encourage all participants to include all people who they wish to inform about these crimes against humanity and the existence of this covert weapon system.

The intention is also to create a “paper-trail” for future Freedom-of-Information requests into the matter. The documented receipt of many complaint letters will serve as proof that these large-scale crimes are taking place and that officials have knowingly covered them up. Wilfully covering up crimes against humanity is a form of aiding and abetting the crimes against humanity themselves. This is a very serious offence indeed and will be prosecuted.

The Next Steps

The next step will be to start disciplinary measures against all officials who refuse to assist, to charge them with dereliction of duty and other charges in the upcoming class actions that will be started around the world.

Due to the scale of the crimes, Grand Juries and War Crime Tribunals will also take place subsequently. The overall goal is to recapture our corrupted human systems, many of which have undergone Deep Capture.

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