(Disclaimer) “London Terrorist Khalid Masood Speaks”???

pennine: Caveat.
I cannot say whether or not the Westminster attacker (of March 22nd.2017) is in this film.
I just happened to stumble upon it whilst doing my own independent research. At first i thought it was someone’s idea of a joke. But i’ve hung onto it, because it does look like it’s been a genuine rally, crowds.police presence etc.. But what i will say is that some of the stuff these people are saying sounds pretty threatening to me. It’s like these folk are on a crusade to take over places. I leave with you folks, if anyone can confirm whether such a rally actually took place & was as bad as this film here sounds, i’d appreciate it if you get in touch via the comment section or email me at pennine-rainbows@nym.hush.com
Thanks. pennine:-)
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London Terrorist Khalid Masood Speaks

 Published on Mar 24, 2017

When will you realize that Islam is a terrorist in itself?
“Is it only when they cut your necks, or when they rape your daughters or your mother?”

To prove that Islam is Terrorist in itself, nor do I need to use Sharia texts here, I will only use the Qur’an.
(The Koran is one of these inhuman books)

Not all of us have daughters or sisters, but we all have a mother …
-And for this reason I will use here texts from the Quran that expose the form that this “Peace” religion deals with Women and children, girls.

I begin with a phrase from the Prophet of the Muslims:
“I looked to Paradise and found poor people composing the majority of the inhabitants; And I looked to Hell and saw that most of the inhabitants were women. “

The man should earn double the share of the inheritance, which the woman.
The Qur’an in Sura 4:11 says:
To the man, quota equal to that of two women …

The testimony of a woman is worth half the testimony of a man.
The Qur’an in Sura 2: 282 says:
And take two witnesses from among your men. And if there be not two men, then a man and two women, whom you accept as witnesses, for if one of them should forget the remembrance of something, the other will remind you of it. (NASR)

Slaves are the sexual property of their male owners.
The Qur’an in Sura 4:24 says:
And it is forbidden to you to bring wives married women except the slaves whom you possess

A man can be a polygamist with up to four wives.
The Qur’an in Sura 4: 3 says:
If you fear being unrighteous in dealing with orphans, you may marry two, three, or four of the ones you please among the women. But if you fear that you can not be fair to them, then marry one, or be conformed to what you have at hand.

A Muslim polygamist can simply get rid of his unwanted wives.
The Quran says in Sura 4: 129:
And you can not be fair to your wives, though you be zealous of it. And do not go astray with such a diversion, from none of them, then you would leave her as if suspended.

Husbands can beat their wives.
The Quran in Sura 4:34 says,
… to them of whom you fear disobedience, exhort them therefore, and abandon them to the bed, and beat them. So if they obey you, I did not seek to harass them. Surely, Allah is Most High, great.

Men CAN MARRY pre-pubertal girls.
The Qur’an in Surah 65: 1, 4 says:
65: 1 O Prophet! When you divorce women, divorce them at the beginning of your iddah, your waiting time. And enumerate ciddah … 4 and those of your wives who no longer expect the menstruum, your ciddah, if you doubt it, will be three months, and so also, of those who do not menstruate. And pregnant women, their term will be to lay down their burdens.

Therefore, mentioning the waiting period of girls who have not yet menstruated, it clearly proves that it is not only permissible to give a girl at this age, but it is permissible for a husband to consummate his marriage to her.
Now, obviously no Muslim has the right to forbid something that the Qur’an has treated as permissible.

Divorcing from a pre-puberty involves marrying her.
The parents of the prepubescent girl can give her or her to another man and their new husband / pedophile can consummate the marriage / rape.

At this very moment, these pedophiles of the “Peace” Religion of Islam, put the age of the girls in 9 years to be raped!

Now … When you say that Islam is a religion of peace … Remember that doing so will make you part of this Terrorism!

3 thoughts on “(Disclaimer) “London Terrorist Khalid Masood Speaks”???

    1. At the very end, hear how he says (if my ears don’t deceive me) “& The Kufar Can Go To Hell.” i’m here shouting “get them arrested.” Unbelievable there’s police presence there & hearing all their threats. I read commentary of the Jihad Watch place -(unbelievable too, that Robert Spencer & Pamela Geller are banned from our shores, while these hate preacher are at liberty & this Jihad has been imported into our isles)-and someone posed the idea that KhalidMasood would most probably have been off his head on drugs (self-drugged)& as such is why he mowed all those poor folk down on the bridge,lost control of his car, not that the dirty b*stard would have cared about these “Kufars” (Infidels,Dhimmis& what ever other shit they call us)but his intention was to strike at Parliament to kill & be killed (an honour to them apparently to die in such a way, while murdering others) He was NO Brit!!!

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