NSA Increases Electronic Censorship- Something Very Big Is Coming

NSA Increases Electronic Censorship- Something Very Big Is Coming



WND is also reporting that popular tallk show host and frequent establishment critic, Michael Savage, has been spied upon and harassed by the NSA for a long period of time. Move over Michael Savage, you are not alone.

The NSA Is Working Overtime On Behalf of the Deep State

Josh Coy and I conducted an interview regarding the Alaskan FEMA camp that can hold 2 million people. The camp is conducting behavioral modification experiments involving HAARP.  As Steve Quayle says, “You know you are over the target when you are taking flak”. That statement was never more in evidence with to the events related to the Alaskan FEMA Camp/Behavioral Modification experiments.

During the interview, the NSA or a related organization added bizarre sounds such as people being paged, heavy breathing and  incessant tapping. The interview was cut short because the two participating parties were cut off. Attempts to re-establish communications via skype, email, cell and landline phones failed as the calls between Josh and myself were blocked, and they were blocked for 2 days.

Here is the first interview that was tampered with and prematurely ended by the NSA:

Despite the horrific quality and obvious interference with the recording, the decision was made to air the damaged interview for two reasons (1) The information is vital with regard to the safety of Constitutional-loving Americans; and, (2) To illlustrate the degree that the NSA will go to prevent the truth from coming out on key issues.


Mysterious Text Messages Sent to Coy Following the Alaskan FEMA Camp Interview

Following our FEMA camp/Behavioral Modification interview, Josh Coy received the following messages via text.



Red cell.
force potus to create some type of executive order
What if I were to tell you that regardless of how insignificant yu consider yurself to be in the vision of We your abilities to speak and connect is a tool that has long been used as far back has the idolatry of War 2 and love Hitler but I’m sure you know this.

This was sent from telephone number K1 111 33O. We are both sure that the upside down question mark in the communications is significant from a symbolic point of view, but we are not clear as to the specific meaning.

 A Second Interview Was Tampaered with by the NSA, Again!

Following these events, Josh and I decided to do a short interview on our experience with the NSA and their harassment activities. You will hear in the video, that the NSA did exactly the same thing, again, with regard to noise interference!

These events led Josh Coy to issue the following statement and here are selected excerpts from his message (the entire message will be published in a separate article on The Common Sense Show):

…Along with a fellow warrior for justice and Truth in the Alternative media, Mr. Dave Hodges, we suddenly began to come across more and more news items making reference to a few Key issues long thought to be part of a forgotten plot line of the Deep State.   Simply put, The Continuity of Government Plan, the High Frequency Active Aurora Research Project (HAARP) and the ever popular FEMA Camp debacle had all made an abrupt return into the conspiratorial lexicon of our research.  Now in all honesty, our first reaction to the resurrection of the FEMA Camp headline was just as dubious a proposition to the two of us as everyone else in the mainstream media.  
Aside from its blatant validity and long documented history, the main reason I chose to follow up on the story of both HAARP and FEMA on my own radio program was because of a direct connection Dave Hodges and I had discovered in our own research between a massive FEMA prison facility capable of occupying some 2 million prisoners, ‘refugees,’ and or American citizens during a time of a “national emergency.
 Now while this story would have continued to gain attention based upon our own research into the sheer size of the facility, it wasn’t until I received a live on-air call out of Alaska direct from a member of the US Military currently working security on the HAARP project that sparked our great interest into both the project itself, its connection with this massive prison facility and true objective altogether. 
 HAARP had long occupied a strange place in the disclosure of unique military projects, as its monumental power had remained quite secret to the majority of those in the media.  According to the military the project was simply nothing more than an ‘operational weather tool’ in which the massive antenna array of HAARP was used to simply study the effects of the ionosphere for the means of “possible” weather modification, if the technology ever evolved to such a degree which could allow for such manipulation.  However, as more information became available, a more definitive picture of HAARP’s true capabilities began to form, along with its ties to both the Continuity of Government Plan and a longstanding “conspiracy” based around a FEMA program titled REX 84.  
As Dave Hodges and I began to combine our research materials, the need to record for posterity both the events surrounding our discoveries and military leaks became quite apparent.  It wasn’t the constant media lies and inflammable rhetoric surrounding our newly elected President that propelled us into this line of thinking…nor the desire to get our story out to a larger audience; but more the feeling that the longer we kept these leaks from the public, the greater the danger we felt in losing the information altogether.  Because of this, Dave and I recorded our conversation as merely a way to get it down on tape.  Although, it was the informal nature of our phone call that seemed to take on a life of its own once the full context of the information began.  
Over a period of 40 minutes, Dave and I discussed each individual topic surrounding everything from the true, unreleased details of the HAARP program, to the military personnel leaks and the FEMA facility that was capable of containing over 2 million prisoners.  However, it wasn’t until we went back and listened to the recording that the true nature of NSA manipulation and digital interference became tremendously obvious.  The physical recording of this phone conversation was only 7 days ago, and as each day has passed, we have had the tape analyzed by various producers and production assistance all using various different forms of editing equipment to work the astonishing amount of sound information hidden behind our conversation.  As of the writing of this article, we have yet to complete the full analysis of the recording, but so far have found everything from binaural sounds in the background, odd music being played during specific portions of the conversation, as well as binaural sounds and backward masking of full statements throughout the 40 minute conversation.   
There is a very specific divide happening at this moment in Washington DC.  One in which those Elite who have maintained their power and rule through everything from lies, to bribery…through blackmail, and even cold blooded murder.  These are no longer “Conspiracies” only reported by the constantly ridiculed “tin-foil hat” wearing truth-tellers who speak of CIA projects that venture into every email, social media post, phone conversation and even manipulate GPS technology in cars making them capable of assassinating those irritating threats to the Deep State.  Unfortunately, there truly is a war working its way up to the very White House lawn as our President continues to violate the unofficial rules and regulations of insider game-playing Elite.  
Before the dumping of CIA files by WikiLeaks only a week ago, these were thought to be the ramblings of “conspiracy theorists.”  While so many in the media once referred to those of us who dared to speak the truth about our government, as diluted, or even deplorable.  The American people long chose to get their information from the Alternative Press…awakening friends, family and like-minded Americans who sensed that a plot was in fact working its way through our American government.  So much more is happening as the Mainstream Media remains ten years behind in their “reporting.”  Call them what you will, The Elite, The Establishment, The Shadow Government, or the Deep State…it matters not any longer.  Luckily, our nation is being placed back into the hands of those who vastly outnumber these Elite who attempt to purchase control through illegal and immoral means.  And we will continue to awaken our brothers and sisters just as our President has.  We are Americans.  WE Are AMERICA.  


It is clear that we are seeing more direct interference in the activities of the Independent Media. This tells me something big is very close and this blatant censorship is designed to obscure the truth. It is very important that we remain vigilant and be ready to respond to what the globalists have planned for humanity.












One thought on “NSA Increases Electronic Censorship- Something Very Big Is Coming

  1. Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    ?? I believe the MSM is on the run and desperate. Situations in the past that were similar, did not amount to anything. Perhaps there is a concerted effort to prod people into doing something rash but that too, is speculation and not fact at the moment.
    Keep it on the back burner. If anything, there could be lynchings en masse, if something large were to take place, and I highly doubt it.


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