BREAKING: Look What Country Just BANNED CNN. Support The Ban?

BREAKING: Look What Country Just BANNED CNN. Support The Ban?

Is the world finally waking up to the fact that CNN is the king of fake news?


Venezuela just kicked CNN out of the country! President Nicolas Maduro banned the mainstream media outlet after declaring its en Espanol channel fabricated information used in news broadcasts.

President Maduro warned CNN not to intrude in his country and said he wants CNN “well away” from Venezuela, Townhall reports. The fabricated information the Venezuelan president referenced during his weekly address related to CNN en Espanol’s in-depth report on the delivery of fake visas and passports from the country to its embassy in Iraq.

The report also alleged Venezuela was selling the passports to potential radical Islamic terrorists. During his passionate and lengthy rant, President Maduro said media outlets like CNN try to manipulate, and not inform, the populace.


The same CNN en Espanol report claimed the vice president of Venezuela, Tareck El-Aissami, had some connection to Hezbollah. The  “Passports in the Shadows” investigation was reportedly sparked by a whistle-blower and lasted an entire year.

CNN claims leaking documents is bad and reporting claims without proof is worse — when the story has a pro-Trump component. However, when the narrative fits the liberal narrative of mainstream media pundits, unproven allegations leaked by an insider are perfectly appropriate to air and deemed as fact.


The alleged whistle-blower, Misael Lopez, told CNN he was a former legal adviser at the Venezuelan embassy in Baghdad. He claimed government officials in his home country dismissed his claims about the fake visas and passports.


“I’m concerned about my safety and my family’s safety everywhere I go,” Lopez said during his interview. He claimed he was approached to get a cut of the money from the sales of the visas and passports in Iraq, but he repeatedly refused.


Lopez claimed he had only been on the job for a single day when his new boss approached him about selling fake visas and passports in 2013. He said Venezuelan Ambassador Jonathan Velasco gave him an envelope full of fabricated documents and said a lot of people in Iraq are willing to pay big bucks to leave the country.

The Venezuelan president also previously lambasted CNN over a report on alleged “irregularities” at a Caracas public high school. “They cannot manipulate! That is our business, of the Venezuelans,” Madura said.


Last August, Venezuelan authorities kicked a CNN en Español producer and videographer out of the country. The network had already been warned about churning out fake news and sparking unrest. The government agents impounded their camera equipment at the airport.

Sooner or later, all the chickens come home to roost. CNN‘s lax relationship with the truth is now coming back to bite them on a global scale!


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