BREAKING: Beloved Company Hires 2,000 AMERICAN VETERANS After Trump Meeting


President Trump never ceases to please and amaze us. This is just another example of one of his pre-election promises being immediately fulfilled — and it has us grinning from ear-to-ear!


In only a couple of months, President Trump has created tens of thousands of jobs for Americans thanks to his negotiations with the private sector.

Now, 2,000 American veterans are going to be hired by IBM after President Trump met with them. (via Breitbart). This is another BIG win. Donald Trump is creating real jobs for people who need them, rather than doing what Obama did by buffing employment numbers by creating meaningless, low-paying, part-time jobs.

President Trump has a huge amount of respect for the military and likes to show his appreciation for them.


He knows that our veterans have been mistreated in this country while under the presidency of Obama and he is looking to make this right.

It is important that they are helped to assimilate back into civilian society, and given all the help they need in doing so.


The CEO of IBM is Ginni Rometty and she is part of the president’s business advisory board.


The goal of the company is to have 20 brand new P-TECH schools opened in this country that will allow veterans to be re-trained and certified over the course of four years. Many of these veterans will be trained in IBM programs that are utilized by national security, cyber security, and law enforcement agencies. (via Washington Examiner).


This announcement comes on the back of many similar job announcements that Trump has negotiated. Exxon Mobil announced 45,000 news jobs, 10,000 new Kroger jobs, 10,000 Walmart jobs, 10,000 new jobs form U.S. Steel, and Softbank Telecommunications is committing to 50,000 new jobs.

These are just a few of the companies that have announced new job hires and no doubt this list will continue to grow in the near future.

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