BREAKING – ‘Terror Mosque’ Found in THIS State, Why No Media Coverage?

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BREAKING – ‘Terror Mosque’ Found in THIS State, Why No Media Coverage?


Radical Muslims are waging a holy war against the West, and our media refuse to acknowledge it. Their silence allows the cult to grow and infiltrate American society

A total of ten Muslim refugees living in Minnesota have been charged with conspiracy to provide material in support of ISIS. Five of the men have pleaded guilty. All of them are refugees or the children of refugees, via WND.

One of the men accused has fled from authorities, and it is believed he has traveled to Syria to fight for the Islamic State. These charges have been laid while Minnesota is attempting to grapple with a large community of refugees who continue to produce radical jihadists.

Since 2007, over 22 young Muslim men have left Minnesota to join al-Shabab, a terror organization with connections to al-Qaeda.


The large number of men leaving Minnesota to join radical Islamic groups should act as a warning to the rest of the country. Minnesota decided to accept a large number of Somalian refugees in the 1990s. These refugees established a radical network within the state, and the ramifications are STILL being felt.

The dangers of accepting potential terrorists may not be felt immediately, but eventually enough of the Muslim population could forget our generosity and turn to radicalism. In this case, a mosque in Bloomington, Minnesota is attempting to bolster the ranks of ISIS by radicalizing the children of refugees.


These children feed off the anger of their parents and are prime targets for radicals to recruit. And they younger they are, the more easily it is to poison them against our country.


That is the tactic of radical Imam Waleed Idris al-Meneesey, who heads the Minnesota-based mosque. He has learned how to manipulate vulnerable youth into believing it is their duty to die in the name of Allah.


Adnan Farah was one of the targets of al-Menessey. Farah was born in the United States, but he was convinced to hate our country by his Imam. Farah was the only one of the group charged who had no plans to travel to Syria, but he told the court he had watched over 100 ISIS propaganda videos on YouTube. He confessed to being in contact with operatives in Syria. Adnan’s older brother, Mohamed, did have plans to travel to Syria, and he was also charged.

The Bloomington mosque is just one of many across America that is preaching terrorist ideology. It is estimated that at least 80 percent of the mosques in our country are connected to the Muslim Brotherhood — a known jihadist organization. We need to be prepared for the effects of allowing radical organizations to operate within our border, and we should not be surprised when we are attacked from the inside.


Sometimes, it takes a generation for the consequences of accepting Muslim refugees to be felt, as it is often the children who turn to Jihad. We should take this as a warning when we are deciding to embrace refugees. While the parents may have passed the loose vetting policies of the Obama administration, their children may grow up to be “soldiers of Allah.”

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