2 thoughts on “PizzaGate Explodes: Anthony Weiner To Sink The Clintons!

  1. Aye-i’ve always felt this case is bit dodgy somehow, & now (March 27th) see Alex Jones recently has made apology to this Alefantis fella. & learned this morning Infowars may be getting sued. So could well be a stitch-up to shut down alt-news/views:-(
    Though in further thought, could be the Pizza-gate thing that’s been set-up, but it would appear that the stuff in Weiners case (or should i rephrase that his ‘laptop’) does appear-going by this report-to hold more validity & that the FBI are already involved. But as you say (& i agree)will anything become of it. Time will tell. As i had mentioned in passing, on another issue, the other day, there’s quite a few of these elite who seemingly live in that land called Untouchable.


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