Why is the “Gay Marriage” campaign so silent on Islam?

Why is the “Gay Marriage” campaign so silent on Islam?

We have all seen the recent developments regarding the issue of “gay marriage”.

Court rulings, referendums, prosecutions, it seems as though the entire Western elite is locked in a ferocious struggle to foist gay marriage on us all.

There is a telling aberration amongst all the global clamour for gay marriage.

The biggest and most obstinate anti-homosexual force in the world today is not Christianity, but Islam.


“Homophobia” in Islam is chronic, institutional, widespread and total.

All the countries of the world where gays face the death penalty, are Islamic.

Virtually every Islamic country persecutes homosexuals.

Sharia Law prescribes the death penalty for homosexuality.


No Western Christian country persecutes homosexuals.

With all this in mind, what is the main focus for the international gay lobby?

Christianity, of course.

In fact, there is a deathly silence emanating from the gay lobby over their treatment by Islam.


No condemnations, no campaigns, no stunts, no diplomacy, just total and consistent silence.

It is almost as if the gay lobby has no problem whatsoever if Islam condemns them to death, stones them or persecutes them.

The main focus of attack for the gay lobby is Christianity and Christian countries.

The fact that untold numbers of homosexuals are being killed or imprisoned or thrown off buildings (pictured) or even worse across whole swathes of the earth that are dominated by Islam doesn’t even grab their attention.

The reason why is very simple.

The whole gay marriage crusade has nothing to do with “marriage equality”, “love” or “minorities”.

It is just another method (among many others) being used to undermine the traditional enemy of socialist/Marxist ideology: Christianity and family values.

Christianity and traditional values are being constantly undermined by those of leftwing persuasion, and “gay marriage” is just another (albeit the latest) campaign against them.

If the gay lobby or the very powerful socialist/Marxist minority that rules us cared a jot, even slightly, about the fate of homosexuals, we would already be in the midst of a belligerent global campaign against Islamic countries, governments and rulers.

Alas, they won’t spout a whisper against Islam because in their eyes, Muslims are just another fluffy minority.

Christianity is the target, and “gay marriage” is the weapon.

Recently, Sinn Fein/IRA leader Gerry Adams (himself a committed socialist/Marxist) was caught out stating that he wished to “break” the Unionists of Northern Ireland using “equality”.

The Unionists are now facing a wave of fresh pressure and persecutions based on “equality”, “human rights” and political correctness.

First, a cake shop owner was prosecuted for refusing to make a “I support gay marriage” cake.

Then, an elderly pastor is being prosecuted for saying Islam is satanic.

Whether you agree with these examples or not, the format is clear: socialist/Marxist political activists use the concept of “equality” to trash traditional values that have held sway for millennia.

They smugly call this process “progress”.

If leftwing activists cared about “gay rights”, they would be condemning Islam on many fronts.

The reason they don’t is because they don’t care about “gay rights”- they only care about undermining Western, Christian, traditional values.

Homosexuals need to see through the schemes of the leftists who are cynically using them to smash down traditional barriers.

If things carry on the way they are, the leftwing policies currently being pursued in the West will lead to homosexuals being stoned, murdered and persecuted in a way reminiscent of the Dark Ages.

Once our socialist/Marxist elites have their way, and Britain becomes a country dominated by Islam, their Islamist bedfellows will “turn their guns” on homosexuals, like they already do in Saudi, Iran and so on.

Then the same leftwing cretins who fulminate about “gay rights” in modern times will be no where to be seen.

Britain First is in no way, shape or form against homosexuals.

But we do detest the socialist/Marxist Left of politics and their cynical one-hundred years war against Western, Christian civilisation.

We can all look forward to the day leftwing activists are demanding gay marriages in mosques across the Middle East.

Please don’t hold your breath though!

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