Michael Hastings Update & Smoking Gun

pennine: Yes, agreed. How can any journalist have  turned their backs on their brethren. To paraphrase Mr Burke: Evil is thriving in this world because good (and potentially good) people are doing nothing about stopping it.
We sorely need an integral decent press again. Thank God for the  Brave Alternate-News/Bloggers which the Fake-MSM/Press Would Close Down -If They Could. Shame,Shame,Shame.

Michael Hastings Update & Smoking Guns

July 13, 2013

This is a update to my first video and this proves Michael Hastings was killed. Why this is not obvious to media or police is a question no one should have to ask and sadly means they lose even more credibility.

How is it US Journalists can turn their backs on an assassinated brother? Its despicably disrespectful to The Journalist’s Creed.

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