Clinton Tweeted Knowledge Of Obama Spying In Nov, Before Election

Courtesy & Thanks To:Tom Fernandez

Clinton Tweeted Knowledge Of Obama Spying In Nov, Before Election


By Rick Wells

We all know that Hillary Clinton can’t keep a secret. To her the whole concept might be described as foreign, except she interprets the word “foreign” as meaning donations to the Clinton Foundation are on the way. In Clinton land secret and foreign could be synonymous then, as selling secrets often led to those same donations. For Hillary Clinton there is only one situation in which a secret must absolutely be kept and that is after it’s already been converted into cash.

Against the backdrop of the revelations that Hussein Obama had used the power of the US government to spy on Donald Trump in the closing weeks of the campaign, comes proof that Hillary Clinton, the one with the huge open-mouth fake grin perpetually plastered to her face at the time, knew that Obama and his minions were spying on her opponent. The revelation didn’t fall from the foul, gaping hole in the front of her head, though. It was keyed into a tweet by her evil, crooked witch-fingers.

She positioned as evidence a completely empty, lacking of substance “maybe and if” accusation by her partner in government crime, Jake Sullivan, his regurgitation of a post in the leftist rag “Slate.” Paying attention to details is not one of her strong suits, or strong pantsuits in her case, so she missed the part where Sullivan credits journalists or leftist propagandists, as they could more accurately be described.

They somehow mysteriously found out that a “secret” server, one that didn’t contain documents stolen from the State Department for sale, existed in Trump Tower. It was the supposed missing link that gave legitimacy to the fake Russian hack story and may have been part of the means by which the Obama spies were able to “justify” being given a wiretap.

Clinton described the individuals who made the monumental discovery of the existence of a private server on private property for the storage of private communications as “computer scientists.” She’s been in government long enough to know that FBI or CIA agents aren’t usually scientists. They’re probably just experts. Perhaps not as qualified as the crack staff of bleach-bit pros she employed for her criminal operation, but they try.

She tweeted the comments of Sullivan, writing, “Computer scientists have apparently uncovered a covert server linking the Trump Organization to a Russian-based bank.” Covert means secret but it’s a word that has more of a cloak and dagger sound to it, thus helping her to imply that there was something wrong with it existing.

As it turned out, no laws were being broken by the Trump team. That’s probably not going to be the case for the Obama – Clinton – Soros Crime Syndicate.

She couldn’t keep her mouth shut. Clinton just had to blab about it, knowing the Trump team would see the tweet and have no explanation for how they acquired it and no means, as expected losers in the race, to find out. Then a funny thing happened. Trump won. Now the crooked Democrats aren’t laughing. In her entire career in “public self-service,” has there ever been a time when Hillary Clinton wasn’t being investigated for something?

There’s no reason to stop now. Grand juries for all of them, please, Mr. Attorney General. And withdraw your recusal while you’re at it.


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