Parents of German Pilot Who Deliberately Crashed Jet Killing 150 People Claim It Was An ‘Accident’

Parents of German Pilot Who Deliberately Crashed Jet Killing 150 People Claim It Was An ‘Accident’

By Heat Street Staff | 5:20 am, March 2, 2017

The parents of the German pilot who flew a passenger jet into the French Alps two years ago, killing all 150 people on board, have raised doubts that he was responsible for the heinous crime.

Gunter and Ursula Lubitz, whose 27-year-old son Andreas is commonly believed to have deliberately crashed the Germanwings Airbus A320 into the mountains, have told a German newspaper they are conducting their own research into the incident.

They told Welt Am Sonntag they believe it could have been an “accident”.
They said in a written statement: “We also have many unanswered questions, strange facts and doubts about what has been communicated about the accident. We are still researching ourselves.”

After his death, it came to light that Lubitz had been experiencing suicidal thoughts and had been declared unfit for work by his doctor – a fact he concealed from his employer.

It is believed that 30 minutes into a flight on March 24, 2015 between Barcelona and Dusseldorf he locked the cockpit door to prevent the return of the captain, Patrick Sondenheimer, and put the plane into a descent.

The flight recorder revealed that Lubitz was breathing normally as this occurred. The cockpit recording ended with the screams of passengers audible in the moments before the crash.

Last year Lubitz’s parents were lambasted for publishing a tribute to their son in which they described him as a “lovely and valuable person” while apparently failing to show any remorse for anyone else who died on the plane.

“For those left behind it is a shock to be confronted with ‘alternative facts’,” Elmar Giemulla, a lawyer who represents 42 of the victims’ families, said.  Marlies Weiergraeber, 63, whose brother and niece died in the disaster, said: “The parents cannot and will not accept that their son might be a mass murderer.”

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