State Department Employee Has Brakes Cut For the Second Time-What She Knows?

Hope the culprits are caught soon. Prayers for this lady’s protection

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State Department Employee Has Brakes Cut For the Second Time-What She Knows?

For the second time in 3 weeks, State Department employee, Monika Wesolowski has had the brakes on her car targeted. She was barely able to avoid disaster. I was originally contacted by Monika’s friend, Mary Tindall, who provided me with the details. Further, Monika and Mary have informed me that Monika’s communications are being tampered with as they have both informed me that the communications anomolies that are transpiring when they speak (eg the playing of Monika’s voicemail while she is talking on the phone), are increasing in frequency and severity.

Presently, Monika was targeted at her work for termination for violating the Hatch Act for displaying President Trump’s picture on her desk at work after the election. She received an opinion from the State Department’s legal office that she was not in violation because the election was over. Yet, her supervisor, an ardent Clinton supporter, still told her that he was going to be reported for Hatch Act violations and this would be included on her job review.

Monika’s colleages, all Clinton supporters, previously displayed Obama’s picture in their respective work places. Presently, Monika is being represented by a Federal employee union.

The readers are probably wondering why Monika would be harassed? The answer is simple and I can only conclude that the Pizzagate police patrolling the corridors of the State Department believe that Monika has some inside knowledge about child-sex-trafficking in the Pizzagate geographic area.

I can state without hesitation the Monika has very limited knowledge and certainly not as much as the negative attention that she is receiving, would suggest.

An Innocent Revelation

When Monika contacted me to inform me of the extreme workplace harassment that she was enduring over displaying Trump’s photo on her desk, she made an “oh by the way” revelation about the strange goings on in her corner of the State Department with regard to the willful act of not recognizing child sex trafficking within the boundaries of the United States.

Monika began to notice anomalies at work that were not following protocol and she shared these observations with me. For example, the graphic displays on State Department brochures/publications could no longer depict any minorities as perpetrators of violence, with rare exception, even for pamphlets. Whites were primarily cast in that role. Monika had work turned back to her for violating these new norms.  Most notably, the increasing “irregularities” began to occur in another area that Monika noticed, through the course of her work, but did not jump to the forefront of her mind due to the extreme harassment and bullying she was experiencing because of her support of Donald Trump. This irregularity had to with child sex trafficking.

Publications, created from her office, would display stories of foreign examples of extreme child sex trafficking in places like Africa, but never depicted the behavior inside the United States. However, her office is a stone’s throw away from the alleged “Pizzagate” location. Across the Potomac, where Monika lives is Fairfax County, VA.  This county has the highest incidence of sex trafficking in the country. It struck her as odd that all State Department brochures on the topic of child-sex-trafficking would be devoid of any domestic references.

After Monika mentioned this to me, Monika has endured unspeakable harassment. I am now convinced that Monika’s sidebar comments regarding the nature of State Department publications regarding the sex trafficking subject has everything to do with this and her comment made to me, which was only a “by the way” comment has now taken front and center.

My takeaway is that Monika has accidentally and unknowingly stepped into the middle of a major cover up.  These are my words, not hers and I want to make this clear.

Stumbling Into the Coverup

Former Congressman Frank Wolf is from Virigina and on his former Congressional website, he gave child-sex-trafficking front and center attention.

It should be mentioned that Wolf’s chief investigator, Tito Segovia, for sex trafficking, died under very mysterious circumstances. This is where the story gets very interesting. Monika’s son, Dylan, played with Segovia’s daughter at their mutual apartment building playground. The combination of these factors made Monika public enemy number one in her small corner at the  State Department as in the minds of some at the State Department she was becoming a source of concern

Following Monika’s revelation, made to me,  about the obfuscation of domestic child sex trafficking at the State Department in their brochures, she was harassed by a very mysterious person.

The situataion was so dire that Monika was advised by the local police to not return home.

This warning was triggred by the events on February 2nd, as Monika was leaving her apartment complex for work, she observed a strange man waiting for her when she came out. She ran to her car and flew out of the parking lot in a panic. The man attempted to follow her and did so all the way to where she parks her car near the State Department. When she came home, that same man was waiting for her next to her parking spot. She immediately fled and the man pursued her. In the twists and turns around her complex, the man made a wrong turn and Monika ended up behind him. She was able to take 3 photographs. The man ran a red light when Monika was taking photos, in order to get away from her (see below).

Monika went to the police and they investigated. The police were able to determine that the man’s vehicle was rented, but their investigation did not reveal more. The police have advise her THAT SHE COULD NOT GO HOME BECAUSE IT WAS NOT SAFE. The police are now in contact in State Department security over this issue.



Monika is left with a police department that wants to trace this vehicle to the user who was stalking her. However, they are blocked from obtaining the identity through a federal security block. 


How deep does the Deep State go? Judging from this case, it goes very deep. Also judging by this case, elements of the Pizzagate coverup in this area of the country are extensive.

Pray for Monika’s safety and that all will be revealed.

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