Important Update – Prepare for Domestic Conflict 2/19/17

Courtesy & Thanks To  Hadenoughalready, Hardnox & Friends:

(pennine own note: BTW-The gent in the video Mr Hagmann speaks about the group/or organisation known as “Indivisible” Well, i came across this address a short while afore President Trump’s Inauguration in January & smelling a rat  have held on to it ever since. Now just hearing the name mentioned in the video, would it be the same place i wonder??? Seems they were planning to protest long in advance of Mr Trump’s moving into office, afore he had the chance to do anything disagreeable to them. Are they just born natural shit-makers, or is the money (no doubt sugar-granddaddy Soros) so good, to the organisers?  Best visit it soon and take down relevant notes before it gets moved/changed. It is:   

Important Update – Prepare for Domestic Conflict 2/19/17

by Hadenoughalready

~Pay CLOSE attention, folks. Things are gonna get “sporty” real soon.

4 thoughts on “Important Update – Prepare for Domestic Conflict 2/19/17

  1. Many Thanks Lolathecur-i’ve made a copy of the extract (Jerome)and will give it more in depth reading a bit later on. I have Jerome’s book somewhere, goes back to studies in theology. Looks very interesting. i enjoy such.Kindest from pennine:-)


    1. I would be happy to provide all materials for study on this important subject. Everything scanned page by page, cover to cover from orinal hardcopies. Please contact me at You have no idea how important this study is. I will not influence your conclusion, only provide study materials and guide you in how to study it for yoyrself. It is not difficult but takes some time to grasp. Peace to you and yours and may “SHE” protect you and loved ones from harm by these misguided individuals. Jeff


  2. I do not know if you are familiar with Fatima incident or not. What you speak of was given to Sister Lucia in one of the three messages of Fatima. It was referred to as the “Errors of Russia” (communism). Here is the best weapon of defense we have against these people. The subject must be understood properly. If interested in the subject it can be studied in depth at or “Ave Deam Matronam nostrae, gratia plena.
    Deum Patrum Spiritum Sanctum tecum.
    Sanctam Tuam in mulieribus.
    Deam Matronam Nostrae, Matram Deum Jesum Christum,
    ora pro nobis peccatoribus nunc,
    et en hora mortis nostrae.”


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