Forgive them they know not what they do

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Forgive them they know not what they do

A PATRIOTIC campaigner is furious after police warned him hanging his St George’s Cross flag and playing the hymn Jerusalem in Stoke could OFFEND people.()
He’s campaigning for a parliament solely for the English.
A Police officer said (taped): “This is not the normal thing that goes on in Hanley on a Saturday. We like to know who is doing what in the town.”

When pushed for clarification, he added:
“Stoke-on-Trent does have quite a diverse population, okay?
The Jerusalem thing going and the [flag saying] English Parliament etcetera, etcetera – some people might take offence to that.
I’m not saying people will but I’m saying some people might take offence at that.”

Some people? I wonder who he is talking about.
It probably isn’t the white Christian English I’m thinking.
Only would he have stopped an ‘ethnically different’ person doing the same?
Somehow I think not.

Rather like Bristol cancelled official St.Georges day as their crop of ethnic races may have been scared by our patron saint’s flags. English government wetness has one rule for the English, appeasement policies and “sorry it won’t happen again” for anyone else.

As for our police. I’m not surprised.

Hear that “Glugging” sound people?
That’s the English. Us, our language, culture, traditions, and religion, being flushed down the drain by political correctness, appeasement policies, multiculturalism, and religious tolerance.

Funny how other more enlightened countries in Europe and around the world have woken up to the thought that all the guff and nonsense about integration, appeasing foreigners, and trying to force alien cultures onto the indigenous population JUST DOESN’T WORK!

Funny how they are also dumping politicians that think that way too.

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