Pack Of Cur Dogs Media Descends On Spicer, Waiting For One Wrong Move

Courtesy & Thanks To Tom Fernandez Blog

tomfernandez28's Blog


By Rick Wells

It’s no wonder the White House is considering opening up the press room to a larger, more diverse group of journalists, with the heavy overload of biased propagandists that populate it as things are presently operated. Walking into that room must feel to Sean Spicer like he’s in ancient Rome and the lions are hungry.

The female propagandist in the front row does her best to try to vilify the President for using the word “ban” in one of his statements. These treasonous idiots aren’t interested in the well-being of the nation, they’re just out to fulfill their mission to “Get Trump.” She condescendingly asks Spicer about the President, “Is he confused or are you confused,” to which Spicer replied, “No, I’m not confused.”

He points to that supposed confusion being partially the result of false reporting by her network, citing an example of General Kelly disputing…

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