Anti-Trump ‘Jewish Rally for Refugees’ Organizer Funded by Obama Government to Resettle Refugees

Absolutely Disgusting that the Jewish Holocaust of the Third Reich was brought out & comparison made to the present situation of President Trump’s prevention of terrorism coming into the country. There is NO comparison at all!!! The Jewish people during WW2 were genuine refugees fleeing for their lives. There were none among them whose sole aim was to move into another country merely dressed up as refugees with the intention of raping & thieving from & murdering the host country’s citizens as a gesture of gratitude for their kindness & philanthropy. These folk should go ask the European victims of the current “refugees”crimes, how they feel. I bet many of those good folk wish their political leaders had the intelligence & responsible attitude that Mr Trump is showing his good American folk. These protesters know sweet bugger all. Probably it’s just a day outing for them. A chance to vent off some of that pent-up post-traumatic-election-stress disorder because Hillary didn’t win. Just like the so-called “Womens” march, headed by hypocrites of the worst order.

My first thoughts, upon seeing the article’s title was that Jewish people were calling for refugees (& dodgies hidden among them)being brought into Israel !

I’ve always supported Spiritual Israel,and make no secret of this. But it has to be said, if I’m correct to suggest, that if most American -Jews have dual-citizenship with Israel (?) Should Jihadism/Sharia-Law ever make it big in America thus making the lives of American people a misery, these Jewish-American people -unlike many other American souls-would be granted full rights of escape from the pit-hell of Jihadi rule/diktat in moving to Israel & relative safety(i say relative safety, as life for a Jewish person in Israel isn’t entirely without danger, they’re under constant threat of Hamas/Fatah inspired terrorism) but at least they won’t be compelled to convert to Islam and obey the rabid foam -mouthing imans or else . At least the government in Israel understands Jihady terrorism & defends its people from it. Something may i stress, if up to these folk, America is NOT permitted to do. If America (and most probably we in the UK also) do take measures to defend her people, despicable comparisons are drawn by them to Hitler & his evil deeds & other countries neglect of them. I’m gutted, to tell the truth, that Jewish people ,of all people, are agitating for potential Jihadies moving into anyone’s country.

Were any of these same people out protesting how the mid-east was being messed up, creating refugees, under the Bush AND Obama administrations?

I wonder if their group is yet another Anti-Trump organisation, that is being funded by George Soros the evil entity who, despite being Jewish himself,really DID betray, thieved from & turned many innocent Jewish people over to the Nazis of WW2? Not only will he be laughing out loud about these misguided people batting his causes, but Isis & its kin in terrorism also.

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