‘FEMINISTS FOR SHARIA’: Taking ‘Cut Off The Nose To Spite The Face’ … To A WHOLE New Level

There’s a thought-What about Muslims who have fled to America & the UK and other tolerant nations, to get away from the oppressive rule of Sharia law & Jihadism. How must these folk feel when they see women’s marches & anarcho/communistic mobs on the street,all being pretty chummy with the brand of Islam that they suffered under? None seem to be speaking up against the kind of oppression that these good folk escaped from.

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By John Harden


I have seen a lot of talk about Sharia Law and Linda Sarsour (A Muslim woman who has been a very active part of organizing the DC marches) mentioned in recent days following the DC march, but not once has Sharia Law adequately been explained to the American people.

I’m not going to touch on the ridiculousness of women running around DC with giant vaginas on their heads as that would take all morning, and ruffle some feathers. Instead, I am going to take you to a 3rd world country where women’s rights (and their very right to live) is on the line every day: Afghanistan. I’ve been, in some form or fashion, involved with that country my entire adult life. There, Muslims and Christians work together to combat Islamic Terrorism (because, outside of our Starbucks, that exists) and corruption daily, and do not so much as…

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